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Having gray drapes in your home is an easy way to make it modern and sophisticated. Our neutral and tender light gray blackout curtains will make your space feel calmer and add a classic touch. Gray and white will give you the perfect complementing combo if you prefer an airy and light style. Combining wooden or light-colored furniture with dark gray drapes will meet your ideas of a perfect contrast.

Deconovo Blackout Curtains 

Experience ultimate comfort and the luxuriously thick texture of our light-blocking curtains and drapes. They are made from eco-friendly, high-quality fabrics and are easy to maintain. Whether you are a fan of classic, urban, farmhouse, or boho style, we have it all. 

Deconovo curtains are available in linen, wool, cotton, or even heavier fabrics such as cashmere and Dutch velvet.

We aim to make our products sustainable yet elegant. Our blackout collection showcases our commitment to our values and is a perfect representation of our dedication to excellence.

Our essential motives were sustainable yet elegant products and satisfied customers. The blackout collection, which includes some of our most popular products, is a perfect result of our work. 

This is a collection of blackout curtains, but they don’t only come in black. Sometimes, you need the perfect color to complete a room’s look while keeping the light out. We’ve got you covered. Designed with advanced light-blocking technology, Deconovo blackout drapes provide 100% darkness without the need for additional lining.


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If you desire a total blackout effect, look under our 'total blackout' line, or pick a darker color. For a lighter room darkening effect, simply choose a lighter colored drapery that matches your home décor.


Gray Room Darkening Window Treatments & Gray Blockout Drapes.