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Unsure about determining the size of your curtains? Simply select the type of curtains you need, and follow our guide by answering a few questions. We'll help you determine the perfect size for your space.

  • Grommet Top

    A popular curtain method with metal rings for modern spaces

  • Single Rod Pocket

    Tailored curtains with a neat top for hanging on a single rod.

  • Pinch Pleat

    Elegant curtains with sewn, gathered fabric for sophisticated pleats

  • Webbing

    Flexible hanging with four installation options to suit preferences

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Is Your Drapery Rod Already Installed? < Back Next >

  • I have a rod installed already.
  • I don't have a rod installed yet.
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What is Your Window Width? < Back Next >

Measure from one outer frame edge to the other.

  • inches
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How Long is Your Rod? < Back Next >

Measure the rod length without including finials

  • inches
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How Far Should the Rod Extend Beyond the Window Frame? < Back Next >

Extend the drapery rod 6-10 inches on each side for maximum window exposure.

  • inches
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What's the Distance from Frame Top to Floor? < Back Next >

  • inches
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What's the Distance from Rod Top to Floor? < Back Next >

Start measuring from the top of the curtain rod

  • inches
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What's the Gap Between Rod and Frame? < Back Next >

It's best to place the curtain rod close to the ceiling, 2-3 inches below it.

  • inches
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Do You Prefer Single or Split Panels? < Back Next >

  • Single Panel
  • Split Panels
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Select Your Desired Fullness < Back Next >

  • 2x Fullness
    2x Fullness
    2x Fullness
    Our custom curtains come with a standard 2x fullness, offering gentle top pleats and attractive fullness throughout. For optimal fullness, we advise doubling the fabric width.
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  • 4/5'' Above Floor
    4/5'' Above Floor
    4/5'' Above Floor
    Floor Touch
    Floor Touch
    3'' Puddle
    3'' Puddle
    Advised Option
    Facilitates cleaning and maneuvering. Presents a contemporary, minimalist look.
    Tailored Choice
    Looks more polished. Demands accurate length measurement.
    Luxury Option
    Delivers a lavish, dramatic effect. Needs more regular cleaning.
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  • Header:
    Grommet Top
    Size Per Panel:
    0''W x 0''L
    1 Panel
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    Rod Installed

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    Coverage Width

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    Coverage Length

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