We hope you're loving your Deconovo product! Your home is your canvas, and we're thrilled that our sustainable designs are part of your space. We'd love to see how you've brought Deconovo's style to life!

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  • Video Star: Post a 15-second video on [YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Pinterest] showcasing your deconovo decor, use the hashtag #DeconovoDecor, and make sure it's in high resolution. Enjoy a $50 discount on your next purchase.
  • Picture Perfect: Snap a high-res photo with a positive review and get a $15 discount.
  • Review Reward: Write a positive review and receive a $10 discount.

Participation is super easy

  1. Create your content (video/photo/review) featuring your favorite deconovo product.
  2. Post it on your preferred social platform with #DeconovoDecor – remember, the more vibrant and clear, the better!
  3. Send us a link to your post on our website page along with your order number.

Content Rights & Usage

By joining our campaign, you not only get to share your flair for design but also become an integral part of the deconovo community. Please note that by participating, you agree to grant deconovo full rights to use your content across our marketing channels, anywhere and anytime, without any restrictions. It's a great way to gain more exposure and become a face for eco-friendly elegance!
Once we confirm your content, we’ll send you a discount code tailored to your contribution level. This code will be valid for your next cozy addition from our collection at www.deconovo.com.
Not only will your unique decor style inspire others, but it also helps us grow a community passionate about design and sustainability. We can't wait to see your deconovo moments!

Happy posting, and thank you for being a valued member of the deconovo family.