Decorating a child's room can be fun and rewarding. For the best outcome, consider these simple tips as you plan and implement your ideas.

Including older children in the process gives them a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to express their tastes and individuality. If your children are young, consider their gender and age. If a room is shared, choose colors, motifs and furnishings in styles that please both.

Although it is tempting to decorate with trendy themes such as superheroes or cartoon characters, try to use a general theme that will grow with the child. Accessories, bed linens and knickknacks are easier and less expensive to replace than furniture, carpeting and other major design features.

As you decorate, remember the windows. Windows let in natural light and fresh air and connect the inside with the outside world. They can be used as a primary design element or a harmonizing element that blends with other decorative features. Window coverings should be versatile, easy to clean and attractive. Use them to block light, let light in and complement the colors and patterns of the room. Here are a few tips on choosing curtains for a child's room.


Choosing Curtains for a Child's Room

There are fantastic choices for curtains for kids' rooms. An array of fabrics, designs, colors and textures can create a window dressing with zing and character. In selecting curtains, keep in mind how the room is used and the personality of your child.

If the bedroom is also a playroom, you will want curtains that are easy to open and close so that you can modulate light, heat and air. Bright colors are stimulating and cheerful. Pastel colors are soothing, and dark colors are somber.

When selecting fabrics, go with those that are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Curtain length is also important. Floor-length curtains are not advisable for bedrooms or playrooms with young children, who may pull the curtain down or get tangled in cords. Instead, go with curtains that rest on the sill or just below the sill.

For young children, curtains with patterns, motifs or decorative touches give a sense of whimsy and fantasy, create a pleasant atmosphere and piqué the imagination. Select curtains that insulate against drafts, darken a room when needed and muffle sound.

Blackout curtains are a perfect solution for a child's bedroom. Deconovo's blackout curtains for kids' bedrooms are available in colors that complement any palette.

You can choose a length suitable for the age and personality of your child. Some curtain models glitter with stars, shimmer with abstract designs or glow with shining flowers.

Our blackout curtains also insulate against drafts, create a thermal barrier and muffle noise. They are easy to care for, lightweight and block light when closed. The choice of stylish headers adds to the décor.

Here are a few of our most popular blackout curtains for kids' bedrooms. All feature triple-weave construction with soft, lightweight back and front layers and a dense inner layer made of thickly woven black yarns.


Gold Constellation Pattern Blackout Curtains

Stimulate your child's imagination with these blackout curtains featuring gold geometric motifs resembling planets floating in the sky. Made from 100% polyester fabric, the back is the same color as the front without the pattern. The grommet header gives a clean, crisp look.


Solid-Color Thermal Blackout Curtains

Choose from twenty colors to match the colors in your child's room. Darker colors achieve 98% blackout, and lighter colors are room-darkening. The rod pocket header gives a classic, casual look to the window. The imported 100% polyester material acts as a thermal barrier and absorbs sound. The easy-care fabric is machine washable.


Silver Star Pattern Insulated Blackout Curtains

Stars twinkling on a bright background are sure to charm your young one. Available in four colors and several lengths, these 100% polyester panels feel silky to the touch. They are energy-efficient, noise-reducing and room-darkening. The stainless-steel grommets slide easily over the rod, great for curtains that are often opened and closed.


Silver Flower Pattern Thermal Blackout Curtains

Bring nature inside with these blackout curtains featuring stylized flowers printed with silver foil. Children will love the motifs that shimmer in the light. Eight classic colors and several lengths let you personalize the look. Made of soft polyester, these hand-washable curtains block light, sound and drafts.


Gold Printed Dots Pattern Blackout Curtains

Stylized gold dots printed on a solid-color background add sparkle and texture to windows. Choose from colors ranging from lavender to forest green in several lengths. The imported polyester fabric is soft to the touch and drapes beautifully. The triple-weave construction saves energy by keeping heat out during hot months and in during cold months. These panels block light and muffle sound, creating a soothing atmosphere for a restful sleep.


As you make your curtain selections, do not compromise on quality. You want curtains that will wear well and look renewed even after several launderings. High-quality curtains in classic styles and rich colors will continue to please as your young one grows. Deconovo's blackout curtains for kids' bedrooms should last for years if properly cared for.

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