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How Do You Hang Kitchen Curtains?

There are a number of ways to hang kitchen curtains. You will want to make sure that your window is properly covered. Depending on the time of year, minimizing or maximizing the heat that enters from the sun will help to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and will help to control your heating and cooling costs.

The first type of hanging method is with a rod pocket curtain. Due to the pleats and gathering spaces, you need a curtain or multiple panels that double the size of your window's width. When placing your rod, it is advised to hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. In the end, this will make your window look as larger. Here's a helpful guide helpful guide in hanging your curtains the right way.

Next, you may hang kitchen curtains with grommets. Luckily, grommet curtains require no additional hardware and are easier to thread than rod pocket curtains. Like before, you must measure the width of your window and double the size of the panel or panels. To select the correct rod, you should add 8 inches to the size of your window. To select the right rod diameter, you should measure the grommet opening and subtract an inch. Learn more about measuring your curtains here.

Finally, you may hang curtains with hooks. Drapery hooks are small metal pins that slide into the back of curtain panels and provide an item that slides into rings or right onto a curtain rod.


How Do You Measure Kitchen Curtains?

To ensure good coverage for maximized light blocking and thermal insulation, it is important to understand the best way to measure kitchen curtains.

For rod pocket curtains, you should measure the length from the top of the rod down to where you would like the curtains to fall. It is best to have your curtains fall at the sill of your window. This provides a casual and cozy look. As previously discussed, the width should measure twice the width of the window.

For curtains with grommets, the length is measured from where you want the rod to where you want the curtains to fall. The panel should be measured from the top of the curtain and not the top of the grommets. Again, the width should measure double the window's width. It is wise to use a decorative rod with this type of curtain. The design is simple, and the rod will be seen between grommets.

For cafe curtains, the length is measured from the top of the rod down to where you would like them to fall. This type of curtain usually covers the bottom half of the window and ends at the sill. As always, the curtain width should be double the size of your window. Here's how you can choose proper curtain measurements for your windows.


What are Cafe Curtains? Are They the Same as Valances?

Cafe curtains and valances are two different things. Usually, a cafe curtain hangs halfway up a window. The rod is hung at the dividing part of the window. Commonly, it is made as a rod pocket panel. It is possible to use two panels so that you can control the amount of light that enters your kitchen. The biggest advantage of this window covering is that it provides privacy and light control without blocking total light from the top of your window.

On the other hand, valances hang at the top of the window. They can be used alone or can be layered with other window treatments.


How to Choose Kitchen Curtains

As previously discussed, there are many curtain options for your kitchen. You can select hooked curtains, grommet curtains, or pocket rod curtains. You want to consider the fabric of your curtains. For instance, for privacy and thermal purposes, you may want a heavy material with a blackout lining. If your window is above your sink, you will want to use a fabric like cotton that is easy to wash. If the window is above your stove, you will want a fabric that is fire-resistant.

If your kitchen has a theme or a particular color, you will want to match your curtains so that a cohesive look is achieved. For example, if your counters or backsplash is blue, you will want to choose a shade that blends. Neutral colors work in any kitchen as well. To add interest to a plain kitchen, you may wish to pick curtains with patterns like flowers or stripes.