Embracing Sustainability

A Message from Raymond Yang, Founder of Deconovo

Dear Deconovo Family,

Over two decades ago, I embarked on a journey with a vision for Deconovo—a vision of success and of bringing quality home goods into households worldwide. Our brand rapidly ascended, becoming a prominent name in the digital retail arena. Our financial statements were impressive, our marketing strategies resonated, and Deconovo firmly established itself as a household name.

However, in August 2023, my trip to Scandinavia opened my eyes in unexpected ways. Amidst the serene Nordic landscapes, I witnessed communities living in harmony with nature. They cherished possessions of lasting value and practiced a gentle touch on the Earth—a set of values that stood in stark contrast to our corporate trajectory. As we raced to update our product lines and maximize profits, we had inadvertently lost sight of a deeper purpose.

Returning with a heavy heart but a newfound clarity of vision, I realized that it was no longer sufficient for Deconovo to excel in sales; we needed to lead in sustainability. The true environmental costs of our plastic packaging, our consumption of non-renewable resources, and our carbon emissions weighed heavily on my conscience.

Determined to make a change, I initiated an internal revolution. We transitioned to eco-conscious production facilities, reimagined our designs to incorporate recycled materials, and pledged our support to conservation efforts. Today, I consistently remind our dedicated team that "Saving our Earth with Sustainable Home Decor."

As we mark our 20th anniversary, our mission has taken a deeper and more meaningful turn. We are no longer just about offering stylish home goods; we are about creating a legacy of care for the Earth. Through sustainable decor, we aim to inspire homes to resonate with love for our shared planet.

Deconovo is not merely a brand; it is a testament to the belief that businesses can and should nurture the world they inhabit. Our journey continues, and I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support.

Raymond Yang
Founder of Deconovo