Frequently Asked Questions


What diameter are the eyelet holes in these curtains?

The inner hole diameter of the circular ring is 4cm, and the outer hole diameter is 6cm.

How many holes are there per curtain?

Different curtain widths result in a different number of circular rings. You can contact us and provide the desired curtain style for us to check.

How much light gets in at the top and sides?

The translucency on the top and sides is related to the installation method; the farther it is from the window edge, the harder it is for light to pass through.

Where is the 'drop' measured from?

It is the distance from the top to the bottom.

Do the curtains come with a curtain pole?


Can I use them with curtain hooks?

Different curtain styles can be used with curtain hooks, and we will specify this in the product description.

Are these measurements per curtain or for the pair?

There are single panel and 2 panels, and the product description provides information on single and 2 panels.

Is the curtains lined or unlined?

100% blackout curtains have a liner.

Are the curtains fire retardant?


Can I return these if the colour is no good?


Do they block noise from outside?

100% blackout curtains have better soundproofing compared to other curtains.

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