Measuring Tips

1. Use a steel tape measure for best accuracy.
2. Round each measurement to the nearest 1/8”.
3. Always record width (left to right) first, and then height (top to bottom).

An inside mount fits inside the window casing. An outside mount hangs above the window or on the wall surrounding the window. We recommend an inside mount whenever possible.

If your window is larger you can choose two shorter shades instead. Having two shades give you an advantage to roll them up separately. The bead chain is on the right side by default.

Inside Mount:

Measure the window inside width and height. Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements

Order width= Window width
Order height= Window height
Note: the required depth of the window hole is at least 2 inch

Note: We will take 2/5 Inch deduction from order width to fit your window.

Outside Mount:

Measure the window frame width and height.
Order width = Window width +  Extra 3 to 6 inch
Order height= Window height + Extra 5 to 10 inch

Please note:
Molding or Trim: We recommend mounting your window treatment above the molding. If you do plan to mount on the molding or trim, be sure the surface you’re mounting on is flat.
If you have no window sill and would like to cover the trim evenly on the bottom, add an equal amount of overlap to the bottom measurement as you do for the top.