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Deconovo Thermal Curtains 

Deconovo drapes have many superior functions, including total blackout, noise reduction, thermal insulation, energy savings, and privacy protection, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. Our curtains are made from eco-friendly, high-quality fabrics and are easy to maintain and wash.

Thermal curtains & drapes will introduce you to the new meaning of the word luxury. They combine visual comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the room, ensuring protection from the outside temperature.

Our materials mix sustainability with elegance: linen, wool, and cotton, as well as luxurious cashmere and Dutch velvet, will infuse your home with lavishness. We cover a broad color palette, so you can choose thermal curtains that perfectly fit your room’s design.

Thermal Insulation Curtains use multiple layers of material for insulation. The middle layer is the insulation layer and consists of heat-resistant materials such as foam, felt, thick cotton wool or facecloth. Insulation curtains should have at least two layers, but three layers are better. For maximum insulation in summer, they should also use shading technology that eliminates up to 90% of light.

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This winter, try thermal drapes.  The shading technology that eliminates up to 90% of light, and keeps height from escaping your residence.