Window treatments provide privacy, filter light, reduce drafts and absorb sound. They also add to a room's décor. You can use draperies to highlight a beautiful window or hide an unattractive one.

Curtains can make spaces look bigger or windows look taller, wider or better proportioned. Curtains accentuate a decorative theme by picking up colors, patterns or textures of features in a room. Curtain hardware contributes to the look.

Benefits of Soundproof Curtains

Some curtains are practical, blocking light, reducing sound and modulating heat exchange. These draperies are often called blackout curtains, thermal curtains or soundproof curtains because the fabrics and method of construction that block light also deaden sound and add a thermal barrier. If you live in a noisy neighborhood or on a busy street, sound-blocking curtains can create a more comfortable living space. Use them in living rooms, playrooms, nurseries, home theater rooms, bedrooms and dens.

If you want long-lasting, easy-care curtains that add beauty, block light and insulate from sound and drafts, peruse Deconovo's selection of soundproof curtains. The sizes, colors and header styles are designed to complement all types of interior décor. Although traditionally used for windows, sound-absorbing panels can also serve as room dividers or partitions, effective for offices, kids' rooms or large living spaces.

Sound-Blocking Curtain Construction

The best soundproof curtains feature high-quality, attractive materials that maximize the soundproof, thermal and light-blocking attributes. Triple-weave construction blends three layers of materials into each panel. The front side that faces into the room is decorative. The material should be tightly woven and have a rough or uneven surface texture. Heavy-duty polyester, velvet, linen and burlap are a few types of fabric that look good and work well. The curtain backing may be a solid color of the same fabric, foam, vinyl, felt, polyester or other material that absorbs sound. The inner layer is made of densely woven black yarns that are light-blocking, sound-absorbing and a barrier to heat flow.

Layered soundproof curtains are made of two, three or four layers. In addition to the decorative front, they are lined, which enhances the sound-dampening characteristics. Some have thermal inserts and vapor barriers. If you have curtains that you like, you can add layers to create room-darkening, sound-absorbing window treatments. Removable inserts let you modulate light and heat according to the need.

Choosing Soundproof Curtains

As you look for soundproof curtains for your home or office, there are several things to consider. Soundproof curtains will not prevent all sound from entering or leaving a room. Instead, they absorb sound waves, which dampens noise and reduces reverberation and echo. The larger the curtain, the more sound it absorbs. Pleats and gathers add surface volume, which muffles sound. Curtains should be hung close to the ceiling, drop to the floor and extend well beyond the window's edges.

Here, we highlight five styles of Deconovo's best soundproof curtains.

Double-Layer Rod Pocket Curtains 

These attractive rod pocket curtains come in 17 colors and five popular lengths. Double-layer construction features a solid-color front of imported polyester and a light-blocking, insulating black lining. The pleats enhance noise reduction. These machine-washable curtains come in a packet of two panels.

Wide-Width Grommet-Top Door Panels

Perfect for sliding glass doors, wide windows and French doors, our wide-width blackout door curtains also block sound and reduce heat loss. The easy-hang grommet top includes eight grommets per panel. Choose from 18 stylish colors and four standard lengths to get the perfect look for your space. The triple-weave construction is made from high-quality, washable polyester with a soft feel and sensuous drape.

Versatile Back Tab Curtains


These versatile, sound-absorbing curtains are made with a choice of back tab or rod pocket headers. They come in several widths and lengths for a perfect fit for your windows. Choose from a rainbow of colors to suit your sense of design. The soft polyester fabric and triple-weave construction combine a sophisticated look with practical solutions for light, sound and temperature insulation.

Lightweight Faux Linen Curtains


These faux linen panels create a sense of airiness and light while achieving total blackout. The linen-like, textured polyester fabric comes in soft, neutral colors with an energy-saving, sound-absorbing backing in complementary colors. The grommet heading works well with many design styles. Use these curtains in offices, bedrooms and living areas.

Dual Rod Pocket Door Panels


Our attractive door curtains add beauty and drama to sidelights and door windows. The dual rod pocket design gives two header options: gathers that sit on the rod or a ruffled top that rises an inch above the rod. The triple-weave material blocks light, muffles sound, adds privacy and creates a thermal barrier. Choose from 15 colors and four standards sizes. Each package includes one panel and one tieback.

Although there are many sound-blocking curtains on the market, the best soundproof curtains are made with high-quality materials, easy-care fabrics and superior construction.

At Deconovo, we ensure quality because we oversee the entire manufacturing process from curtain design to tailoring the panels. Select from our wide range of colors and styles to find the perfect curtain for any room in your home or business. Our soundproof and blackout curtains regularly feature in top independent reviews for quality, softness and drape, including Amazon and The Spruce.

Our award-winning support team can help you select the best curtain for your situation. Whether you need an easy-care, colorful soundproof curtain for a toddler's room or an elegant blackout curtain for an office meeting room, we can help.

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