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Room Darkening Curtain FAQs

What are the benefits of room darkening curtains?

Curtains are designed to control the flow of light into a room, but not all curtains do so with the same efficacy. In fact, some curtains are designed to allow light to filter through the panels. With curtains that have a darkening effect, the fabric is so tightly woven that light cannot pass through the panels. This allows the room to stay perfectly dark even during daylight hours. Moreover, the quality of such panels can also help control the flow of air and regulate the temperature inside.

What is the best material for room darkening curtains?

These curtains can be made from a variety of fabrics. In many cases, they are constructed out of polyester or faux linen. Heavy microfiber can also be used. Ultimately, your choice will depend on the style you crave. The good news is that polyester is an incredibly diverse fabric that comes in many colors, textures and prints. This means it is possible to get curtains that provide darkening qualities to match any home decor style. The most important element for any fabric is how densely the fibers are woven together. It is the density of the fibers that gives the fabric its ability to block out light and air.

How to hang room darkening curtains?

Like all curtains, hanging this style depends on the construction of the curtain. Curtains can be made with rod pockets, grommets or other hanging mechanisms. Understand the hanging mechanism, and then purchase a bar that is compatible.

The most important factor is to carefully measure your curtain and windows before anchoring the bar to the wall. You want to make sure the curtain hangs properly to cover the full length of the window. This is especially true with darkening curtains. If the curtains are going to effectively block out the light, then they should cover the full length and width of the window.

You will want to have the rod extend beyond the edge of each window, but your preferences on height will be more variable based on the length of your curtain and your home decor style. It is vital to remember that curtains must be hung securely. You may want to try to anchor your curtains into studs in order to create more stability.

How should room darkening curtains be washed?

The proper care of your curtains will depend on the fabric. Most of these curtains are made from polyester or a polyester blend. In general, polyester can be washed in the machine on a cold water cycle. However, these fabrics can be delicate, which means that it is best to avoid the dryer in many cases. Instead, allow these curtains to air dry. Bleach should never be used. If the curtain is wrinkled after washing and drying, an iron can often be used. However, before washing any curtain, it is best to check the manufacturer's instructions. This will always yield the best results. More on washing curtains here.


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