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Bedroom Curtains FAQs

How Do I Hang Bedroom Curtains?

To start, install the rod on the wall. Rods are typically hung above the window and anchored into studs. They are positioned to extend around the window's exterior. Some rods are hung within the window opening. Position the rod so the curtain will hang effectively to block the light from the space. Because these are bedroom curtains, full light protection is absolutely essential.

Next, identify the type of curtain. Rod pocket curtains have a fabric pocket at the top. This pocket allows the curtain rod to slide through. In this manner, the rod is completely covered by the fabric. This can create a very pleasing aesthetic.

Some curtains have grommets. Grommets are small plastic or metal rings that are inserted into the top edge of the curtain. Slide the rod over and under the grommets in order to allow the curtain to hang properly.

Finally, there are hooks for some curtains. The hooks can be built into the curtain. However, other curtains have a line of holes at the top, and you get to pick your own hooks. In either case, the hooks need to be hung in an even line across the rod. Make sure the end of each hook is firmly attached to the curtain in order to ensure stability. Find out how you can properly hang your bedroom curtains here.


How Long Should Bedroom Curtains Be?

The length of your bedroom curtains will depend on the size of your window and personal style preference. To start, your curtain should be long enough to fully cover the window. This is important in order to provide the best light blockage. Moreover, curtains that fully cover the window will also help retain heat and dampen noise.

When determining the length, measure the full size of the window. Add several inches to that length in order to make some allowances for hanging. If your rod is positioned above the window, you will want to make sure the curtain is long enough to fully cover the bottom portion of the window.

You can also take style into account. You may opt for curtains that are much longer than your window. For these curtains, you can hang them extra high or let them drape to the floor. This can make your room look more dramatic, and it can be particularly useful if your windows are smaller.


How Do I Choose Bedroom Curtains?

There are several factors to consider when picking your bedroom curtains. You need to look at the function of the curtain and the style of the room.

Many people choose blackout curtains. These curtains are designed to completely eliminate light from the outside. Therefore, when these curtains are pulled, you can enjoy total darkness. This can be especially important in the bedroom.

You may also be interested in thermal curtains. Thermal curtains are made with special insulating properties. These curtains allow heat to stay in your room while also blocking heat from the sun. This ensures a better temperature modulation in the bedroom. And yes, they really do work!

Other curtains have soundproofing qualities. This means that exterior sounds like traffic or music do not disturb you while you are inside. The advantages of soundproof curtains in a bedroom are clear.

Sheer curtains in the bedroom allow you to let light in while giving you privacy. You can use sheer curtains in combination with other layers in order to create the right balance for your space.

In addition to the function of your curtain, look at the style. Even functional curtains come in different colors and prints. If you pick the right color and style, you can enhance the overall look of your bedroom.