If you live in a noisy neighborhood or a dynamic urban area, sound infiltration may be a problem. Too much noise can be distracting, unpleasant or even painful. Soundproof curtains can cut noise coming from outside and minimize noises that originate within a building.
If you are a night owl or like to play loud music, noise-blocking curtains can help block sound from your living space that may disrupt neighbors or other household members.

The Lowdown on Soundproof Curtains

Acoustic drapes are made with special materials that absorb sound. They are popular for home theaters, playrooms, bedrooms and offices. Soundproof curtains do not completely block sound.
Instead, they minimize sound and muffle noise, making a more pleasant environment. They are thicker than normal drapes, are made with multiple layers of material and are often pleated, factors that dampen sound.
The materials and method of construction that muffle sound also have thermal and light-blocking properties. For that reason, thermal and blackout curtains are often marketed as soundproof curtains.

Older types of acoustical curtains were often simply thick blankets with grommets hung on heavy-duty curtain rods. However, today's noise-reducing curtains are attractive, lighter in weight and affordable. They are made in several thicknesses, colors and textures that work as primary window dressings and add to a room's aesthetics.

How Do Curtains Dampen Sound?

As sound waves travel through a medium, they become disrupted when they intersect a barrier, such as walls, fabric, ceilings, furniture or other objects. The shape, density and size of the barrier affect how sound waves behave when they meet it. If you clap your hands in a bare room, the sound reverberates. There may be an echo or the sensation that the noise is loud. If you clap your hands in a closet full of clothes, the sound is muffled and short. The density of the clothing reduces the reverberations and breaks up the sound waves.

Noise-dampening curtains do the same thing. Although any fabric will absorb sound to some extent, noise-dampening curtains are made from thick, tightly woven, layered materials. The size, density and weave affect how the curtain absorbs and deflects sound. The larger the curtain, the more sound it deflects. In addition, folds and pleats add mass, which helps deaden sound.

Today's soundproof curtains are attractive, with the layer facing into the room made of velvet, polyester, suede, cotton or any other heavy, tightly woven fabric. Fabrics with nap or coarse surface textures are better at deflecting sound waves than shiny, flat materials.
The back layer may be the same material as the front or made of composite materials with thermal, light-blocking and soundproofing features. The inner layer is often felt, thick cotton or special materials. Some models have detachable liners. Others are made of triple-weave fabrics that are as effective as several individual layers.

Deconovo's Best Soundproof Curtains

Deconovo's soundproof curtains are stylish, effective and affordable. Choose from fashionable colors, grommet or rod pocket headers and a range of sizes that will fit almost any window. Fabrics include linen-look polyester, jacquard, designer patterns and solid-color, triple-weave polyesters. We manufacture everything ourselves, ensuring high-quality construction, superior materials and a great look.

Here, we showcase a few of our best soundproof curtains to get you started.

Solid-Color, Energy-Saving Grommet Curtains


Our solid-color soundproof curtains with a grommet header do more than block sound. The triple-weave fabric blocks light and is a thermal insulator. The front and back layers are the same color, made of heavy-weight polyester. An inner layer of black yarns enhances the energy-saving features. The fabric has a silky, soft feel. The grommets, made from rust-proof stainless steel, fit on standard curtain rods.

These curtains are available in 16 colors, including several neutral shades. Other colors include vibrant blues, purples, dusky browns and forest green that complement a range of color palettes. These energy-saving curtains are sold as a two-panel set, each panel measuring 45 inches wide.
A choice of eight standard lengths range from 45 inches to 108 inches. For an attractive look, we recommend a fullness of two to three times the width of the rod. For the best sound-blocking effect, curtains should extend well beyond the width of the window and drop to the floor.

Extra-Wide, Room Divider Curtains

These extra-wide curtains are suitable for sliding doors, French doors and other wide windows. Use them as room dividers or to create activity areas within a room. They come as single panels in widths ranging from 100 to 180 inches. Drops ranging from 84 to 108 inches, generous measurements that let you select a size that works best for your space. Eight colors include neutral greys and beige, black and jewel tones of reds and blues.

Patterned Noise-Reducing Panels

These handsome curtains are constructed of three layers: an attractive front-facing patterned layer, a solid-color backing that matches the color of the front and a high-density blackout layer with thermal and noise-reducing features. The pattern contrasts silver-outlined hexagons with a navy-blue background, an attractive combination that works well in any room.

The heavy-duty polyester fabric is soft to the touch and falls with a graceful drop. The stainless steel grommets are sized to fit standard curtain rods. Each of the two panels in this set measure 52 inches wide by 92 inches long, perfect for most windows.