Windows are a mainstay in every home. Whether your home is big or small, modern or vintage, windows are an important part of the design. However, not all windows are simple rectangles.

In fact, in some homes, windows are designed to fit custom spaces with flair. These windows could be small, or they could be oversized. Some of these windows even come in nontraditional shapes like circles or semicircles. These different window designs add interest to the home, but they can be very hard to decorate. If you have custom windows, then you need the best curtains for custom windows.


Matching Curtains to Your Custom Windows

In order to get the best curtains for custom windows, you need to consider a few relevant factors. First, look at the shape of the window. When you are working with a less traditional shape like a circle, it can be hard to know what measurements to use. In general, you want to take the longest possible length and the longest possible width. By using the longest two measurements, you can ensure that your curtain is large enough to cover the opening sufficiently.

Next, think about where to hang the curtains. The best curtains for custom windows will provide good coverage of the window. You will have some discretion with hanging the rod. In some cases, you may want to hang the rod right over the window top. However, you might also choose to hang the rod significantly higher over the opening. This can make the window look bigger and more dramatic. Just be sure to adjust the length of your curtain to compensate.

Finally, consider the look and feel of the curtain. If you want to keep the custom features of your window at the forefront of your decor, then you may want a more minimalistic curtain design. However, if you want to use the curtain to cover up the unusual look of the window, then something thicker and bigger might help create a more normalized look. This is truly a matter of personal preference as you seek the best curtains for custom windows.


Get Started with Your Shopping

The right curtains can make all the difference for any window. This is especially true with custom windows. Whether you want to play your windows up or minimize their unusual look, here are some great options to start you on your shopping adventure.


Solid Color Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

This curtain set is great because it is so versatile. With a convenient rod pocket, it can be hung close to the window or much higher. The fabric is a sturdy polyester, and the room-darkening panels can be purchased in a wide range of colors to perfectly accent any design style.


Gold Diamond Pattern Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

This look offers a bit more flair for your custom windows. The long panels may offer blackout and thermal properties, but it is the look that really makes these curtains stand out. The diamond pattern is both subtle and dramatic, which makes this curtain a great match for custom window design.


Gold Constellation Pattern Blackout Curtains

You can shoot for the stars in your home decor when you choose these blackout curtains. The constellation pattern is refined but distinct, offering a unique look that is not overpowering for your custom windows. These polyester curtains come in a range of colors, and the constellation accents offer a hint of sparkle in gold.


Solid Color Thermal Insulated Blackout Door Curtain

These curtains are your perfect option for custom windows around your front or back door, particularly on French doors and vertical doorway windows. These unique curtains are designed for a small rod pocket, which fits perfectly over a small opening in such areas. To create a better sense of control, the bottom is also fitted with a rod pocket, and the set comes with a tie-back to create the perfect look for your custom windows.


Solid Color Blackout Scalloped Valances Curtain

When you want to really play up the look of your custom windows, opting for a valance can be a smart choice. Valances are not as long as regular curtains, so they provide design distinction and some light protection without covering the full opening. This particular valance utilizes a rod pocket, and the solid color panels are accentuated by a gentle scallop at the bottom of the piece.


Find Your Perfect Curtains for Any Window

Custom windows can be a real asset to your home. The key is to have the right curtains. Too many curtains will not work with custom sizes and shapes, but Deconovo has the right range of products to ensure your perfect match. The selection has plenty of options that are ideal for windows that are not rectangles or squares. All you have to do is start shopping to find the right choice for your home.

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