Sophia Custom Linen Blackout Curtains


The width you ordered is the individual fabric panel width. We recommend using our measurement tool if needed.

Color: Sophia/White
Header-Blackout Curtains:
Lining (4):
Matching Tieback (18 Inches long):
Body Memory Shape:
  • Header-Blackout Curtains:
  • Width-Sophia:
  • Length-Sophia:
  • Lining (4):
  • Matching Tieback (18 Inches long):
  • Body Memory Shape:
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  • Production time: 7-10 business days
  • Shipping time: 7-12 days.
  • The shipping time provided on our website is a guide only and represents the time frame that 95% of orders are filled within.
  • If you require drapes by a certain date, please contact us at to confirm the time frame and order it in advance.
Care Instructions
  • Machine washable, gentle cycle machine washable in warm or cold water.(Do not wash in hot water, wash below 86F)
  • Wipe clean.Do not bleach, do not tumble dry
  • Warm ironing the back only.
  • Do not use fabric softener to protect the fabric.
  • Dried on low heat or dry naturally.
  • Material: 90% polyester 10% linen
  • Weight: 375 gsm Heavyweight
  • Lengths vary by 1" due to handcraft.
  • Various hanging header styles are made-to-custom to fit rods or tracks.
  • Various optional liners.
  • Curtain hooks included.
  • The liner is good for light blocking, and it moderates protection from sunlight damage and makes the backside of the drapery smooth and clean.
  • Memory shape trained process is highly recommended.

Design Your Curtains

Beautify Your Home with Deconovo's Bespoke Curtains & Drapes. Each piece is a testament to your personal style, offering a rich selection of fabrics, hues, and patterns to harmonize with your home's unique decor.

Linen blend fabric

Looking for a resilient and environmentally conscious option to match your diverse decor styles? Look no further. Our linen blend drapes are designed with stable polymers to ensure strength and shape retention, surpassing other textiles in durability by threefold. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they're hypoallergenic and effortless to maintain. Crafted from renewable flax plants with a zero-waste manufacturing process, our drapes offer sustainability without compromising style.

Elevating Home Atmosphere

Transform your living space with our linen curtains, designed to elevate both atmosphere and functionality. Absorbing moisture up to 20% without feeling wet, they're perfect for humid climates, while their natural antimicrobial properties ensure a clean and hypoallergenic environment. Durable and long-lasting, these curtains soften with each wash, maintaining their pristine appearance and noise-reducing capabilities. Their satisfying texture and breathable nature create a comforting ambiance, making them an ideal choice for any home seeking both style and practicality.

Shading Ability

Crafted with precision, this exquisite fabric, when paired with a blackout lining, achieves 100% light-blocking capability. Embrace both style and practicality as you enjoy the sophisticated touch of linen, now enhanced with unparalleled light control. Create a sanctuary of darkness and tranquility with our South African Linen Blend, ensuring privacy and peaceful rest in every space.

Benefits of Flax Linen

Flax linen is a sustainable fabric because it's a natural fiber that comes from the flax plant. All undyed linen products are fully biodegradable.

Sustainable: Flax plants grow quickly with minimal water and high carbon absorption, making them a renewable resource. The whole flax plant is used in the manufacturing process, resulting in zero waste.
Durability: Flax linen is known for its durability, becoming softer and gaining a beautiful sheen with each wash.
Eco-friendly: Linen does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning and is machine-washable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Lisa Gutierrez (North Fort Myers)
Stunning curtains.

The curtains are beautiful and of excellent quality. They come very well packaged and do not need to be ironed. Definitely these curtains can effortlessly transform your space.

Kathleen Rouse (Burton)

Just what I was looking for.

Cathy Bona (North Adams)
stay warm

i absolutely love them. they look great on my windows and already have seen a chanhe

Frequently Asked Questions

How to track the order

After your order is taken by the delivery service, we'll email you with the details of the carrier and a tracking number. To follow the journey of your package, please visit the carrier's official website. You also have the option to coordinate with the carrier to schedule a delivery time. Track your order here.

What Are the Shipping Times?

Custom-Made Drapes Shipping Duration
Production time: 7-10 business days
Shipping time: 7-12 days.
Please note, the shipping times listed on our website are estimates based on 95% of our orders. If you need the drapes by a specific date, get in touch with us at to verify the delivery schedule and place your order well in advance.

Order Cancellation Policy

Orders canceled within 24 hours (business day) of payment confirmation will receive a full refund.
Cancellation is not possible once production has started.
Orders cannot be canceled after they have been shipped.
Custom-made items that are already dispatched cannot be canceled.

How Do I Measure Length for Pleated Drapes?

To measure, start from the ring's eyelet to the floor.

How to Calculate the Weight of Your Panel? (Pleated Style)

The estimated weight of each panel is calculated as follows:

(Width in inches * 0.0254 * Length in inches * 0.0254 * fabric GSM / 1000)

You'll find the fabric GSM details in the product description.

For instance, for a panel measuring 52''W x 84''L inches with a 200gsm liner, the weight per panel is:

52 * 0.0254 * 84 * 0.0254 * 200 / 1000 = 0.56 kg

Is It Necessary to Wash Window Curtains?

Yes, washing window curtains is essential for maintaining their cleanliness. Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best method. For example, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester should not be dry cleaned, silk curtains should not be machine washed, and sheer curtains should be cleaned with mild detergent. For more detailed advice, see "Your Expertise Tips on How to Clean Curtains.

Does the Order Include Any Installation Hardware?

Only pin hooks are included. Curtain rings and rods must be purchased separately.

How often should curtains be cleaned?

It's recommended to clean your curtains every 3 to 6 months for optimal cleanliness and appearance. Regular weekly cleaning is also advised to minimize dust and allergens.

Can I use them with curtain hooks?

Different curtain styles can be used with curtain hooks, and we will specify this in the product description.

Will the color of my custom curtains match the online image?

Please note that the final color may vary slightly based on lighting conditions in your home, as well as differences in display screens. Minor color variations are normal, but ordering a swatch will help avoid any unexpected differences between the online image and your final curtains.
To ensure the perfect match, we recommend ordering a fabric swatch before placing your full curtain order. Review the swatch under your room's lighting to evaluate the true color and texture. This will help avoid any unexpected differences between the online image and your final custom curtains.