15 Bohemian Curtains

New boho curtains are always in style - but why stop there? With so many options available, you can take this look from room to another and create a personalized aesthetic for every space.

Take these 15 ideas below as inspiration:

1. Beads

Boho Bead curtain

The boho vibe is in the air with these inspiring curtains! Decorated by hand, they’re made of natural bamboo and come complete with a semi sheer print. Whether you want to use them as room dividers or just add some creativity into your home décor - this versatile style will not disappoint

2. Medallions

Boho Medallions  curtains

Booming with color and design, these bold pieces can be worn as wall decor or closure on your outfit. Made out of luxurious fabric covered wood stockings that have been embroidered down one side in an interesting pattern—you'll want them for every window at home (and maybe even work)!

3. Fringes

Boho Fringes Curtain

The boho window scene is all about texture and flair. The hand-knotted macramé faux valance adds just enough of both to make your space come alive!

4. Pom-poms

Boho Pom-Poms Curtain

Pom-poms are the best way to bring personality and style into any room. This one is wearing its pompoms proudly, with pride in every snap!

5. Lace

Boho Lace  curtains

Lace curtains are the perfect way to create an elegant boho-style window scene without being too far outside of your comfort zone.

6. Macramé

Boho Macramé Curtains

Macramé is all the rage right now and for good reason. These curtains are composed of intricately knotted loops that supply plenty of boho charm in a space while also being functional!

7. Metallic !

Boho Metallic  Curtains

Prefer your sheer drapery panels with a little more pizazz? These feature an elegant shimmery silver geometric print that makes them look like they're textured

8. Clean & simple.

Boho  Clean & Simple Curtains

Simple, honest and alluring - these curtains are a great way to bring the outdoors in. The soft colors will leave you feeling relaxed while also making your window seem sophisticated!

9. Tassels

Boho Tassel Curtains

These fun, colorful accessories can really spice up your boho-style room and add an extra dose of flair without taking away from the simplicity that is so present in this style scene

The use black stripes along with white filmy fabric brings together both dark colors into one cohesive look while still providing some much needed natural light through sheer panels—perfect if you're not looking dangerously.

10. Embroidery

Boho Embroidery curtains

If the rest of your boho decor is neutral, go bold with some stunning panels to create a focal point in an instant! These gorgeous gold embroidered birds will make any room take flight and feel like home all at once

11. Velvets

Boho Velvets curtains

You can't go wrong with a little boho style. From light and airy to rich, dreamy velvets provide the perfect balance of textures for any room in your home - especially those that need an extra special mood boost!  We love moss green from West Elm but deep teals or burgundy work too; they'll make even more sense when you check them out against different backgrounds like wood flooring (or furry rug), gypsum walls etcetera

12. Tie-dye

Boho Tie-dye curtains

Hand-painted shibori panels are a great way to bring the vibrancy of tie dye into your home. These handcrafted pieces create an elegant look with their painterly brushstrokes, while not overwhelming or distractingly bright like other forms in art may sometimes do!

13. Florals

Boho Floral curtains

The botanical print is sheer enough to work in any style of space. It's like adding an instant garden right into your room!

14. Gauze 

Boho Gauze  curtains

Gauze and flowy fabrics are the perfect pairing for a boho space. These curtains from Urban Outfitters will add some good vibes to your home with their warm colors of persimmon, gold tones on black trimming- just what you need when counting down until summertime!

15. Block prints

Boho  Block Print Curtains

Block prints are a great way to decorate your home with artwork that will last forever and never go out of style!

It's not surprising why people love them so much- these pieces have been around since ancient times, when they were found in China or Egypt .  Today you can find all sorts block print designs on everything from clothing (like checkerboard dresses)to furniture-- even art installations—and there is no end limits to the creativity possibilities ,

March 22, 2022