Are Thermal Curtains Good for Summer?

Thermal curtains, sometimes referred to as blackout curtains, are used to regulate the temperature in the room of the home in which they're installed. As a result of the insulated fabric, these curtains help keep heat out of home windows, thereby improving energy efficiency. Plus, thermal curtains offer decent noise reduction, creating a peaceful living environment in your home.

But are thermal curtains good for the summer months? In short, yes.

During the summer, thermal curtains can prevent heat from entering a room in the same way that they reduce the amount of heat that escapes through windows in the winter. However, it's important to note that installing curtains with thermal properties does not guarantee they will automatically keep your room cool. The best way to benefit from thermal curtains is to do a few things to ensure you are getting the most out of them.

To begin with, the curtains need to fit the window properly. As soon as thermal curtains are drawn, the room should be protected from all sunlight. Take into account the following factors before purchasing thermal curtains:

  • Your preferences regarding the amount of overlap between the curtains and the window edges.
  • The distance at which the curtain should begin from the ceiling.
  • The distance between your curtain and the floor.
  • Curtain return.
  • The style of the heading.


Thermal Curtains in the Summer House

In summer houses, thermal curtains are recommended to be overlapped on all window edges to gain the most benefit. As a result, less heat or sunlight will enter the room when the curtains are closed from their perimeter. The direction in which you hang your thermal curtains is also important. For thermal curtains with foam coatings or backings on one side, ensure that once installed, this coated side faces the window.

You need to make sure you close your thermal curtains before sunlight enters the room if you want them to keep a room cool effectively. Don't wait until the sun streams into the room and heats it up. It won't work. It will only trap the heat in the room if you close the curtains later in the day.

If it's going to be a hot and sunny day, you should put up your thermal curtains in the morning or even keep them closed all day. East-facing windows receive the sun very early in the morning, which is particularly important. Once the sun has set and the temperature outside has dropped, you can open the curtains.

Thermal Curtains for Summer


Keep Thermal Curtains Open or Closed in Summer?

During hot weather, it may be natural for you to open the windows to let in some cool air. However, this may make your home even hotter.

Close your windows and curtains if the outside temperature exceeds the inside temperature. Consequently, your house will remain cool as the heat is kept out. Open the windows, however, if the weather is cooler or there is a pleasant breeze outside. The doors may be left open at night when it is cooling outside, but you should close them as soon as it begins to heat up.

In the morning and evening, you can leave the windows open, but when the day becomes hot, you should close them. Additionally, shade, blinds, or curtains should be closed whenever direct sunlight strikes that part of your house - even when all the windows are open. To keep rooms cool during warm weather, the NHS recommends using shades and reflective materials outside windows.

Make sure your house is ventilated while you open your windows. To do this, prop up interior doors so cool air can flow through them.



The Best Thermal Curtains - What You Should Consider

Choosing the right fabric for your thermal curtains is crucial to how well they will insulate your home's windows, but you also need to consider the following things:


Thermal curtains are available as a classic curtain, hobbled shade, balloon shade, or side-draw shade, to name just a few. Curtains made of thermal material are suspended by curtain rods and are made of insulated padding layered between two layers of material. They prevent air from entering the room from the windows.

When it comes to French doors, sliding glass doors, and large windows, side-drawn shades are the best option. This classic stacking style allows you to open and close Roman and hobbled shades. A balloon shade works similarly but gathers the fabric as it rises. A balloon shade, unlike conventional blinds, has thick, padded material that provides excellent insulation.


Curtains made of thermal materials come in different sizes with widths between 36 and 52 inches and lengths between 54 and 108 inches. To properly insulate the window, the curtains must cover the entire casing.

In addition to that, your choice of size is determined by the style you desire. For a traditional look, the curtain rod should be mounted 6 inches from the top of the window frame and 3 inches from the bottom. There should also be three inches of overlap between the curtains and the window. Install the rod as close as possible to the ceiling and hang the curtains about 1 inch above the floor, or you can let them rest on the ground to create a puddle effect.

If you are installing blinds or shades, ensure the window casing fits tightly around them.


There is a wide variety of fabrics available in insulated curtains, including cotton, silk, polyester, velvet, and microfiber. It is best to use polyester or microfiber for thermal curtains since these fabrics are resistant to moisture buildup.


Insulated curtains may seem like low-cost hotel drapes, but they are available in many stylish patterns and colors. The grommets and cuts of these curtains can create classic, traditional, and modern looks.

Noise Reduction

Besides preventing heat loss, insulating curtains also absorb sound waves. As a result, you can muffle the barking dogs and screaming children of your neighbors, as well as mute the sound of your own loud music.


Multiple layers of material are used in thermal curtains to provide insulation. Insulating materials, like polyester, wool, flannel, or wool batting, make up the middle layer. Three layers are ideal for a thermal curtain. Additionally, you can use blackout technology in summer to reduce light by 90%.

Washing Machine vs. Dry Clean Only

It is easy to take care of some thermal curtains since they can be machine washed, and you can even dry them in the dryer. However, strictly adhere to the manufacturer's instructions when cleaning your curtains to avoid damaging them.


Keep Thermal Curtains Open or Closed in Summer

Best Summer Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains are available in so many different types that it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. You can find some of the best options in a variety of categories on this list.

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

Thermal curtains from Deconovo prove that you don't have to spend a lot of money on window curtains. With these energy-saving curtains, you'll cut your energy bill without spending a lot of money upfront. They feature three layers of fabric for full blackout and insulation quality.

Deconovo curtains reduce light and heat by 75 to 80 percent. In addition to the standard 1.6-inch hooks, these curtains are available in 11 different sizes. Choosing from 29 colors gives you plenty of options to match your home decor. You can wash the Deconovo curtains on a cold, gentle cycle in the washing machine.


Deconovo Fashion Thermal Blackout Curtain

Deconovo’s Fashion's thermal curtain adds a layer of insulation and light-blocking qualities to windows while also adding aesthetic appeal to the room. As a triple-woven polyester selection, it is designed to block 99 percent of light (the darker colors work best) and 100 percent of UV rays, helping to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Grommets with a diameter of 1.6 inches are featured on each panel. And there are three sizes of these panels: 96 inches by 80 inches, 100 inches by 96 inches, and 100 inches by 108 inches. Besides, a variety of solid colors are available, ranging from red to blue, so you can find something to fit your decor. Maintaining these curtains is easy since they can be machine washed.


Deconovo 3 Pass Noise Reducing Thermal Curtains

Deconovo's thermal curtains are made with insulating microfiber layers that both block out sunlight and provide insulation. Two layers of microfiber are embedded with black yarn to reduce noise, block 99 percent of sunlight, and provide insulation in the winter and summer.

Grommets on the curtains measure 1.6 inches, making them compatible with most curtain rods. There are 37 solid colors to choose from, making them suitable for many styles. The sizes range from 29x45 to 55x96, so they're suitable for both traditional and modern decor. Despite their machine-washability, they can be difficult to iron out wrinkles because of their fabric.Sheer curtains can also be used in combination with thermal curtains to add a touch of elegance to your windows while maintaining the energy efficiency of your home.



In the current age of technology, replacing your windows to achieve energy efficiency is no longer necessary. You can buy different designs and colors of thermal curtains. In addition to making your home more beautiful, the curtains will also reduce your energy consumption. It will keep your home warm during the winter, and in the summer, it will keep it cool. Investing in these curtains will be a lifetime investment that you will never regret.

July 20, 2022