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Rod Pocket Curtain FAQs

What are rod pocket curtains?

Rod pocket curtains are classic curtains that are draped over a curtain rod at the top and fall in gracefully draped lines to the floor. These curtains have a casing through which the curtain rod passes on their backs so that the casing and rod remain hidden. The way in which rod pocket curtains gather in drapes adds a soft appearance to your windows for a classy and timeless look. The curtains are great to use with layered window treatments, and you can add a valance at the top to hide the rod if you wish.


How do you hang rod pocket curtains?

Rod pocket curtains are hung on a curtain rod. You do not need to use any tools to attach the curtain to the rod since you simply thread the rod through the casing on the back of the curtains. You then place the rod in the end brackets so that everything is held into place. You can choose end brackets and finials, which are the decorate caps on the ends of the curtain rods, to match the color and style of your rod pocket curtains and your overall style theme. In many cases, people like to add sheers behind the main panels to allow light to show through while still having some privacy. Learn more about hanging curtains.


How wide should rod pocket curtains be?

When you are shopping for rod pocket curtains, it is important for you to understand that the widths that are stated on curtains are the widths if you hung them flat. You will never want to hang your rod pocket curtains flat, however. To measure the appropriate width, begin by measuring your window's width along with the length that you wish to cover with your curtains from top to bottom. Most people choose to have rod pocket curtains that extend from slightly above their windows to the baseboards. After you have taken these measurements, you should then look for curtains. You will then need to determine the desired fullness of your curtains. For instance, if your window measures 36 inches wide, you will want to multiply that by two for your curtain width for a standard fullness. This would mean that you would need a minimum of two 72-inch wide rod pocket curtains to give you a standard look of fullness. Learn all about measuring for curtains here.