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Katerina Custom Blackout Cloth Curtains
Katerina/Cream WhiteKaterina/OliveKaterina/SandKaterina/RoseKaterina/Stone GreenKaterina/Stone BlueKaterina/Gray+ 3 more

28 reviews
Celeste Custom Luxurious Dutch Velvet Total Blackout Curtains
Celeste/Grayish WhiteCeleste/Dark BeigeCeleste/Dark GrayCeleste/Light GrayCeleste/Light BeigeCeleste/Dark BrownCeleste/Sky BlueCeleste/BlueCeleste/Navy BlueCeleste/Gray+ 6 more
Camille Custom Cayenne Blackout Curtains
Camille/Light RoseCamille/Burnt OrangeCamille/Storm BlueCamille/TealCamille/Light GrayCamille/Light PurpleCamille/Steel GrayCamille/Natural WhiteCamille/Greige+ 5 more

18 reviews
Isabel Waterproof, Stain & Dust-Resistant Total Blackout Curtains
$58.99 $72.99 Sale
Isabel/Bluish GrayIsabel/Cream WhiteIsabel/Grayish WhiteIsabel/Dark GrayIsabel/Sky BlueIsabel/Coffee+ 2 more

1 review
Solene Custom Linen texture 100% Total Blackout Curtains
$30.99 $35.99 Sale
Solene/Dark GraySolene/White SmokeSolene/Light BeigeSolene/Dark BeigeSolene/SandSolene/PurpleSolene/Light GraySolene/Sky BlueSolene/Baby Blue+ 5 more

9 reviews
Naomi Custom Nayuki Velvet Blackout Curtains
Naomi/Rain BlueNaomi/CappuccinoNaomi/Fountain GreenNaomi/GrayNaomi/Light GrayNaomi/Off WhiteNaomi/Rose+ 3 more

4 reviews
Chloe Custom Blackout Curtains
Chloe/Dark BeigeChloe/YellowChloe/Dark GrayChloe/GrayChloe/Light GrayChloe/Dark TealChloe/Sky BlueChloe/BlueChloe/WhiteChloe/PinkChloe/Light BeigeChloe/Beige+ 8 more
Vivianne Custom Dutch Velvet Blackout Curtains
Vivianne/Rubber PinkVivianne/RoseVivianne/HeatherVivianne/VioletVivianne/AubergineVivianne/CherryVivianne/Chinese RedVivianne/Burnt SiennaVivianne/Rain BlueVivianne/Storm BlueVivianne/Dark BlueVivianne/Aevre BlueVivianne/Pine GreenVivianne/Ivy GreenVivianne/Stone GreenVivianne/Moss GreenVivianne/Sun YellowVivianne/OchreVivianne/Light GrayVivianne/GrayVivianne/CharcoalVivianne/BlackVivianne/Light BeigeVivianne/BeigeVivianne/CappuccinoVivianne/SandVivianne/BrownVivianne/Wallnut BrownVivianne/Off White+ 25 more

9 reviews
Bianca Custom Cashmere Blackout Curtains
Bianca/GreigeBianca/CappuccinoBianca/Cream WhiteBianca/HeatherBianca/Light PinkBianca/GrayBianca/Stone BlueBianca/Stone Green+ 4 more
Darlene Custom Solid Color Carnival Blackout Curtains
Darlene/SandDarlene/Natural WhiteDarlene/RoseDarlene/OliveDarlene/GrayDarlene/Storm BlueDarlene/Elephant GrayDarlene/Stone GreenDarlene/Steel Gray+ 5 more

1 review
Ivy Custom Basic Snowflake Dot Sheer Curtains

7 reviews
Stella Custom Enchanting Starburst Sheer Curtains
Stella/Dark Blue-White

12 reviews
Lily Custom Whimsical Patterns Kids' Sheer Curtains

8 reviews

Blackout Polyester Curtains

Luxurious cashmere and Dutch velvet will have a delicate touch and smooth feel of the fabric against your skin. If you prefer a rustic style, our linen texture drapes combine the visual quality of linen with polyester’s practicality, allowing easy maintenance and total blackout ability. 

For an exquisite, high-quality product, we recommend our waterproof, stain, and dust-resistant drapes. They are especially convenient for hotels or rooms used by many people, as they provide protection from stains and guarantee durability.  

White Polyester Curtains

White is a popular choice for curtains because it allows natural light to filter through while providing privacy. The shading degree of our sheer curtains goes from 20% to 40%, while choosing a dark material can additionally increase this percentage. However, white is a popular choice for living rooms as it provides a delicate and clean ambiance. Follow our detailed measurement instructions to get fast and correct window measurements and choose the perfect design for your polyester sheer curtains. 

If you simply can’t decide, we have a solution. Order a free sample of any material you want to see, and we will send you a booklet with all its colors or designs.