As fall sets in, the cool weather and autumn colors are a cue to make changes in your home's décor. Now is the time to bring in the magic of nature and transition your interior to reflect the beauty of the season.

With almost two years of spending more time indoors because of the coronavirus, you may enjoy refreshing your interior with autumn-inspired colors, textiles, window treatments and accessories. Here are some top decorating ideas for fall 2021 to make your home a cozy, warm and pleasant place for you and your loved ones.

Curtains in Earth Tones

Changing window dressings is an inexpensive, simple way to transform the look of a room. Use the colors of autumn at your windows to set the background for fall-inspired décor. Keep your home warm by hanging thermal curtains in earth tones of beige, brown, rust, tan, amber, deep reds, pumpkin and gold as part of the seasonal palette.

Autumn-Inspired Mantel

If you have a fireplace, make it the focal point of the room for the cooler months. Even if you do not use the fireplace, stacking firewood inside and around it adds texture and color to the décor. Decorate the mantle to reflect the abundance of the season. Collect fall foliage from your yard and arrange it on the mantle. Nestle pine cones, acorns, sweetgum balls or small pumpkins in twigs, pine boughs or colorful leaves. Candles create a warm glow, enhancing a cozy feeling. Place a mirror above the mantel to reflect light back into the room.

Warm Lighting

As days shorten, warm lighting brightens up the living space. Candles on the mantel, side tables and dining table create a soft glow. Illuminate dark corners with floor and table lamps. Change bulbs from cool daylight to a warmer hue to complement the colors of the season.

Faux Fur

One of the top decorating ideas for fall 2021 is using faux fur to add depth, texture and warmth to your living space. Drape a large piece of sumptuous faux chinchilla over the back of a chair or sofa. Sleep cozily with a faux alpaca throw. Use faux fur sheepskin area rugs to warm your feet as you step out of bed on a cool fall morning. Choose colors from the autumn palette, such as charcoal, beige, pearl, gold or orange.

Cozy Fabrics

Select cozy fabrics that echo the colors and textures of fall. Bold plaids of greens, reds, blues and orange blend with the warm tones in your window coverings and upholstery. Bring out the wool blankets, throws and afghans. Other cozy fabrics included textured draperies, classic tweeds, plush velvet and checkered houndstooth. You can mix patterns successfully by incorporating designs of different sizes and using similar colors to tie the look together.


Welcome guests and family members into your home with a colorful wreath on the front door. Hang wreaths in windows, and scatter them throughout the house. They work well over a fireplace or on walls, interior doors and banisters. If you are on a budget, make your own with foliage from your yard, entwining pine cones, colorful leaves, twigs, grasses and berries. Embellish with plaid or colorful ribbons that tie in with your color palette.

Custom Wall Art

You do not have to be an artist to decorate your walls with attractive art. Make a collage of fall leaves. Mount a chalkboard in a wooden frame and draw seasonal motifs, such as broomsticks or Halloween-themed figures. Frame a map of the winter sky that depicts planets, constellations and the moon. Personalize your walls with children's drawings and paintings. Write their names or favorite sayings in fall colors to brighten up the kitchen, den or bedrooms.

Wooden Elements

Wood adds color and texture, contrasting with glass, ceramics and metals. Distressed wood gives a rustic, outdoorsy look. Fill wooden trays or baskets with fall fruit, vegetables and foliage, such as apples, corncobs and pine cones. Use a wooden stool as a base to display decorative pumpkins and gourds.

Layered Décor

Layering is one of the top decorating ideas for fall 2021. Decorators use layering to add interest, depth and drama to a room. Start with the floor and build up to the ceiling with furnishings, lighting, wall art and windows. Area rugs in fall colors define activity areas and add texture. Change pillow covers from bright summer colors to warm autumn shades that blend with the colors of curtains, carpets or furnishings.


Bring the abundance of the season into your living space. Arrange herbs, spices, colorful leaves, pumpkins, corn husks or twigs in baskets or large vases. Create a table centerpiece with seasonal fruits and vegetables nestled in a bed of fresh herbs. Place bundles of wheat, herbs or grasses in wooden boxes, colorful bottles or crockery. Tie them with ribbons in the colors of the season.

As you refresh your home with the scents, colors and textures of fall, do not forget the kitchen. Kitchens are the heart of the home, a place where family, friends and loved ones gather as food is prepared. Fill ceramic bowls full of fresh fruit. Use vintage wooden trays or large crockery jars to hold utensils. Replace worn kitchen linens with new ones in seasonal colors. To round out the décor, hang new kitchen curtains in fall colors. Your kitchen will be a warm, cheerful gathering place for guests and family throughout the cooler months.

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October 05, 2021 — Jun Yang

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