If you would like to update your bedroom, there are simple ways to refresh the look without spending a lot of money or time. For 2021, designers are showcasing bedrooms that create a pleasant place to start and end your day. You can choose styles that create the atmosphere and look you want. Whether your home is a one-room loft, a mansion or something in between, these simple ideas will create a refreshing retreat away from the rest of your living space and the hubbub of daily life.

Set the Tone

Designers are showcasing elements that highlight the textures and irregularities of nature, such as earth tones, plants, linen bedding, wooden furniture, and animal and floral prints. However, they suggest that whether you go for a minimalist or bohemian look, planning changes will create a space that is uniquely you.

You can set the tone for the bedroom you want. Wall color, linens, accessories, window treatments and floor coverings add to the theme. Layering provides texture and depth. Once you decide on a palette, build around the colors with patterns and tones that complement the theme.

Update Linens and Accessories

Slipping into crisp, cotton sheets in a hotel feels relaxing and luxurious. Updating bed linens on your own bed can create this same feeling. Shop for high-quality cotton or linen sheets in colors and patterns that suit your taste. Adding a matching duvet or bedspread and decorative pillows creates an attractive bed that can serve as a focal point.

A throw rug or carpet will give a lush feeling to the floor and room. Even if the room is carpeted, layered floor coverings add interest, color and warmth. Inexpensive area rugs can be changed throughout the year. In winter, you may want a thick, warm rug under your feet as you step out of bed onto a cold floor. During warmer months, a light, woven mat creates a sense of coolness and freshness.

Textured headboards add depth and color, contributing to a layered look that enlivens the room. From manufactured headboards to those made of repurposed materials, you can create your own look. The materials are endless, including wood, bamboo, upholstery, metal or lattice. For a rustic look, modify a barn door or packing crate.

A fun, inexpensive way to give a new look to your bedroom is to change hardware on doors, cabinets and furniture. If you like a vintage look, shop flea markets for ceramic, glass or brass door hardware, dresser pulls and wall hooks. If you go for a minimalist or high-tech look, consider stainless steel or chrome. Sleek designs complement the simplicity of this look.


Designers and renovators are moving away from connected bedrooms. Fewer plugs and outlets encourage you to keep electronic devices out of the bedroom, creating an oasis away from the demands of constant connectivity. In fact, health professionals recommend removing stimulating activities and other distractions from the sleeping area.

Keeping bright lights, computers, smart phones and TVs out of the bedroom lets you settle down and relax for a good night's sleep. Think about what you would like to have in your retreat instead that sets a mood. You may prefer a music station and soft lighting to create a quiet, serene retreat conducive to sleep.

If you prefer tech in the bedroom, consider furniture with USB features incorporated into the piece. Some nightstands and tables now come wired with charging ports, reducing the need for more plugs and cords. Several manufacturers offer table lamps, alarm clocks and other accessories that plug into computers and charging stations. These items give a sleek, uncluttered look to the space, toning down the appearance of high-tech that can overwhelm the space.

Accentuate Windows

Window treatments can define the atmosphere and look of your room. For a rich look, try layering, which lets you modulate light, air, temperature and privacy throughout the day. Sheers complement all décor styles and are available in an almost infinite assortment of colors and patterns. Hang heavier draperies facing into the room over sheers. If you live in a climate with cold winters or hot summers, consider thermal curtains to keep temperatures even inside the room. During the day in the winter, open curtains to bring in sunlight and warmth. At night, close them to keep warmth inside. During the summer, close them during the day to retard heat transfer. This also keeps furnishings, wall art and other elements from fading from UV light.

If heavy draperies are not your style, consider thermal shades or bamboo blinds. Some types of shades and blinds can be paired with lightweight curtains for a versatile look. You may enjoy different window treatments for each season. Because curtains are easy to install, you can easily add them or remove them to suit your mood. A change of drapery pattern, color or hardware can transform the look of your bedroom. For a fresh look in the springtime, remove the curtains and install roller blinds.

As you plan your new décor, key in to your likes and dislikes. Styles change often. Going with the current trend may not give the atmosphere you crave. Instead, your bedroom should reflect your personality and needs. Experiment with color, textures and patterns to get the look that suits you.

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October 13, 2020