When most people decorate their bathroom, they focus on the bigger elements. They fret over picking the right tile, or they fuss over the wood tone of the vanity. While these elements are important, it is vital to never overlook the simple details. The fact is that your bathroom window treatments can be a critical feature of your space.

Bathroom windows are certainly distinct from the rest of the windows in your home. These windows can be in scarce supply, and they also have more demands. People covet light in the bathroom, but bathrooms also demand privacy. In order to fully capitalize on your bathroom windows without compromising on your personal space, the right curtains can make all the difference.

Bathroom curtains are the perfect example of form and function. These curtains are essential to protect you from prying eyes on the outside. They also can provide essential light to make your morning routine easier. However, curtains can also be pivotal interior design elements. The trick is to balance all of these needs when you make your curtain selection.

Factors to consider for your bathroom curtain ideas

In order to make sense of your bathroom curtain ideas, there are three factors to weigh. First, you have to look at the material. Then, you have to look at the cut. Finally, consider the print.

Choosing the right material is more important than you probably realize. While curtains are a visual element most of the time, the type of fabric you pick will affect the way the curtain hangs, looks and wears. Bathrooms are small spaces with high moisture content. You need to be confident that your curtains will not get moldy, musty or wrinkled. To combat this problem, many synthetic fabrics are preferable. Something made from polyester will wear well, and vinyl is extremely easy to maintain in a bathroom. If you go for something like cotton, be sure that the product you pick is fully washable for easy maintenance.

Once you know the best material, look at the way the curtain fits the window. The cut refers both to the practical size and the dramatic effect of how the curtain hangs. Bathroom windows can be nonconventional sizes, which can make it hard to find a curtain that fits just right. Custom options can negate this problem. It is also possible to pick more decorative cuts that tie up or drape differently in order to properly accent the space.

The last consideration for bathroom curtain ideas is the print. This is really the fun part. You want to pick a fabric that has the colors and style that fit your bathroom. The right fabric can bring out a certain ambiance, and your curtains can be a lynchpin of your design. Therefore, match your colors or prints to other motifs in the space.

If the process still seems overwhelming, then here is a closer look at a few of your best options for bathroom curtains.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains offer a lot of advantages for the bathroom. With sheer fabrics, you get the privacy you need without impeding sunlight. When looking for sheer curtains, consider synthetic blends for their "washability." While linens look beautiful, their moisture retention can be problematic. Options that can be put in the washing machine will make for easier maintenance. Sheer curtains can be layered or paired with other fabrics as a backdrop.

Blackout Curtains

In some cases, privacy may be your biggest concern. In those situations, blackout curtains are likely your best bet. Blackout curtains provide full privacy protection. These curtains are heavier and made from fabric that does not let light through. The effect will keep your bathroom dark on demand. Just be sure to have hooks or ties on hand in order to pull these curtains back as desired.

Tie-up Curtains

Tie-up curtains can come in many materials and styles. However, the defining feature of these curtains is how they tie. Instead of tying these curtains to the side, these curtains tie up in stages. This allows the curtains to act a little like blinds, giving you better control over how much light comes into the room. However, tie-up curtains offer the distinct advantage of style. These are attractive window treatments that fully accentuate your limited bathroom light.

Small Windows

Many bathroom windows are smaller than normal. This can pose some design challenges. One good way to accent such windows is with custom fits. Have the curtains hemmed to the exact size in order to create the perfect look. You can also invest in other specialized window treatments. Roman shades and panel curtains offer a great printed template. Plantation shutters can also provide a dramatic and functional look. Mostly, you can go big with small windows. Don't be afraid of big prints, dramatic cuts and other fun frills.


Ultimately, your bathroom curtain ideas will depend on your personal preferences and style. Consider the type of window you have in your bathroom, and work to integrate your curtain into the bathroom's entire design scheme.

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