Energy & Gas Prices Too High this Winter?

Energy bill worries

The UK & USA are facing record high energy costs this winter. My bill for last winter was already beyond what I can afford, and now the price has gone up 200%! What can I do?!


SAVE MONEY on Home Heating?

The main source of energy loss in our homes is through the windows. And besides replacing all your windows, another great solution is to install insulated thermal curtains as a window treatment! 


Thermal Curtains to Keep Cold Out?

Thermal curtains work by providing multiple layers of insulation. And they work best when they're tightly sealed around a window, the wider & taller & more coverage your curtain provides, the better. They create an air pocket that isolates your 'window space' from your 'house space'.


Do Thermal Curtains help Fight Climate Change?

Of course they do. Imagine you've saved $500 this winter on energy costs alone. That's $500 less fuel burned. Now multiply that to every household in your city. In your region. In your nation. The savings & energy efficiency of thermal curtains could singlehandedly reduce emissions this winter more than all the Tesla's on the planet.


Cheap Thermal Curtains?

Here at Deconovo we're doing our best to fight climate change & help people around the world save money & waste less energy. That's why we have such a focus on providing insulated thermal drapes, cheap, to the masses.

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October 29, 2021 — Jun Yang

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