As the weather cools down, you will start spending more and more time indoors. Try out a few of these cozy winter decorating ideas to make your home feel a bit more magical through the cold seasons.

1. Snowflake Chandeliers

A chandelier by itself is a great investment that can tie together a room. You can easily transform this chandelier into a snowflake chandelier by buying a few winter ornaments. Whether you go for sparkly or wooden snowflakes, the end result should be an eye-catching addition to your home.

2. Sweater Pillows

When the weather gets cold, you can’t go around wearing t-shirts or crop tops. If you are confined to sweaters and jackets, you may also want to match with your throw pillows. You can easily recycle your old sweaters into knit covers for your favorite pillows.

3. Sweater Vase

If you only put sweaters over your pillows, your vases may grow jealous. Dressing up a vase with a sweater and then decorating the vase with Christmas ornaments or branches are great decorating ideas for your home!

4. Cedar Pinecones

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without pinecones! There are hundreds of design ideas that involve pinecones, but you can start by scattering them around and hanging them up with a wreath wherever you would like to add some Christmas cheer!

5. Stack of Logs

Fireplaces and roasting pines are trademarks of a cozy home. Having a stack of logs either in your fireplace or beside your fireplace can be a great addition to your home. You can make the logs stand out by also throwing in a few pinecones and some pine branches.

6. Hot Cocoa Bar

When the temperature outside drops, you will want to make sure that you stay nice and warm indoors. Nothing warms you up faster than a delicious cup of Hot Chocolate. Set up a simple Hot Cocoa Bar for your family and guests. You can do this by leaving out all of the ingredients, cups, and machinery.

7. Vintage Ski Display

Vintage skis may be a bit hard to find, but sometimes they are stashed away at a local garage sale or neighborhood thrift store. If you find a pair of vintage skis, you can repurpose them into a cozy decoration by adding a few pinecones and wreath. This decoration can be done with newer skis as well, but from our experience, the vintage skis have a beautiful rustic look that is hard to capture with new models.

8. Mason Jar Lights

If you already own a few mason jars, you are halfway there! Mason Jar Lights are a beautiful and cost-effective way to light up your house. You can make your porch or balcony shine with a few pairs of Mason Jar Lights. You can DIY these lights by tying the Mason Jars together with white string light and hanging them up with a burlap ribbon.

9. Vintage Fruit Crates

Make setting up the table more fun by having all of the dishware and cutlery resting on a beautiful fruit crate. These fruit crates can be stacked on top of each other and can be a decorative piece while also helping you organize your silverware. Try to find wooden and rustic fruit crates so that you can have that vintage feel (similar to the Vintage Ski Display).

10. Fur Letters

Fur Letters are easy ways for you to send a message to anyone that enters a room. You can easily DIY these letters by buying some faux fur and then cutting out large paper letters. We suggest using festive words for your fur letters. Our favorites include: WINTER WONDERLAND, JOY, PRESENT, GIFTS, and/or GRATEFUL.

11. Crochet Star and Angel Ornaments

Christmas movies and tv shows have put a lot of emphasis on the bright and shiny star or angel on the top of a Christmas tree. While we do love the large star, you should not neglect the ornaments that appear on the lower rungs of the tree. One of the stars that you can add are these cozy crochet angels. They are a simple ornament that adds sweetness and warmth to your Christmas tree.

12. Pine Tree Vases

Find a few fresh pine leaves and display them in your favorite jars. These fresh pine leaves will look beautiful and release a refreshing aroma of pine throughout your room. You could also pair these Pine Tree Vases with the Sweater vases to have a truly cozy decoration that has a nice fragrance and warm cozy aesthetic.

13. Popsicle Snowflakes

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy popsicles, don’t let those popsicle sticks go to waste. You can’t go through a cold season without seeing a few snowflakes, so feel free to make a few popsicle stick snowflakes that you can add to your wall. The best part of popsicle snowflakes is the fact that you can make them large, small, simple, complex or anything in between. Turn one of your warm nights into an arts and crafts day and create a few popsicle snowflakes!

14. Outdoor Planter

Coziness and Christmas spirit can start right at the front door. By displaying an outdoor planter before guests even come in, they will feel festive right as they enter. We suggest adding some string lights, pinecones, and logs to make them hard to miss!

We hope that these cozy decorating ideas bring life to your room!

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October 13, 2020