Hazel Custom Natural Jute Bamboo Woven Shades


Color: Hazel/Natural
Mount Type:

Minimum depth for inside mount: 2 inches. Learn more>

Lift Type:
Lift Position:
Lining Type:
Edge Binding:
  • Mount Type:
  • Width-Hazel (inch):
  • Length-Hazel (inch):
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  • Lift Position:
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  • It's normal that the final shades differs a little from the sample books.
  • Natural materials grow in nature into various shapes, long or short, straight or curved, so each bamboo shade has its own distinctive texture.
  • Shipping Time
  • Production time: 7-9 business days.
  • Standard shipping: 7-12 days.  Express shipping : 3-7 days (does not include tailoring time for curtains).
  • The shipping time provided on our website is a guide only and represents the time frame that 95% of orders are filled within.
  • If you require drapes by a certain date, please contact us at info@deconovo.com to confirm the time frame and order it in advance.
  • Sustainability
    The Finer Details
    • Width range: 16" - 94" | Height range: 16" - 78"
    • Color: Bark
    • Style#: ML 1908-A
    • Shades material is made from eco-friendly 100% Jute.
    • Shading: 50%; Weight: 405 gsm.
    • Cordless lift system: The cordless retraction mechanism makes it easy to open and close the window shade evenly. Rather than pulling a cord, simply grab the bottom rail to lift and lower your shade. For cordless shades, make sure you can reach the position where you want to raise the shade. No-drill mounting bracket included if shade width is under 47 inches.
    • Corded lift system: for tall or obstructed windows consider one of the corded options.
    • All mounting hardware included.

    Enhance Your Space with Natural Jute Bamboo Shades

    Transform Your Home with Deconovo's Custom Jute Bamboo Shades. Each curtain embodies your personal taste, providing a range of natural textures, colors, and designs to perfectly complement your home’s distinct style.

    Fabric Description

    Introducing our natural jute fabric, known as the "golden fiber" for its golden brown color and natural luster. Jute is a highly lignified plant fiber, giving it a firm and supportive structure. The fabric features a unique texture that exudes durability and natural beauty, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

    The inherent strength of jute ensures that it maintains its shape well, although its strength decreases when wet. Its low elasticity and ability to insulate sound and heat make it a versatile material. Jute also offers a good dyeing effect with no fading, and it is antistatic and biodegradable.

    Suitable Styles

    Our natural jute shades are an ideal addition to any home, seamlessly fitting into a variety of decor styles. The rich golden-brown color and distinctive texture of jute bring warmth and character, making these shades perfect for rustic, coastal, or modern interiors. They work beautifully in living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor spaces, adding a fresh and airy feel.

    These shades not only enhance your home's aesthetic with their natural luster and intricate weave but also offer practical benefits like sound and heat insulation. Their eco-friendly nature ensures you enjoy both style and sustainability. Durable and elegant, our jute shades are a versatile choice for any room needing a touch of natural charm.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bamboo Woven Shades Measurement Guide

    Inside mount : 

    • Use a metal tape measure, cloth ones can stretch and give you inaccurate measurements
    • Measure the window inside width and height.
    • Don’t make any deductions. We'll deduct 2/5" from the order width to fit your window.
    • Ensure you have enough window depth, at least 2”.
    • Order Width= Window width
    • Order Height= Window height

    Outside mount : 

    • Measure the window frame width and height.
    • Order Width= Window width+3 to 6 inch
    • Order Height= Window height+5 to 10 inch
    Order Cancellation Policy

    Orders canceled within 24 hours (business day) of payment confirmation will receive a full refund.
    Cancellation is not possible once production has started.
    Orders cannot be canceled after they have been shipped.
    Custom-made items that are already dispatched cannot be canceled.

    What Are the Shipping Times?

    Custom-Made Drapes Shipping Duration
    Production time: 7-10 business days
    Shipping time: 7-12 days.
    Please note, the shipping times listed on our website are estimates based on 95% of our orders. If you need the drapes by a specific date, get in touch with us at info@deconovo.com to verify the delivery schedule and place your order well in advance.

    What should I do if there are missing parts in the goods I received?

    If there are missing parts in the goods you receive, please contact us within seven days after receipt, please send an email to info@deconovo.com