Bohome Nest Sheer Curtains


Color: Dark Blue-Nest
Size: W*L
Size Guide
Size Guide
SKU: USCTH45357D-S080
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Create your sanctuary with the "Nest" curtains from BO HOME series. Scandinavian simplicity meets cozy design, made from sustainable recycled materials, ensuring an eco-friendly nest for your windows.

  • BASIC INFORMATION - This package includes two curtain panels, each measuring 52W x 63L/52W x 84L inches. Each panel has 8 stainless steel grommets. Made with Eco-Friendly Materials.
  • UNIQUE DESIGNER SERIES - Say goodbye to boring curtains and say hello to Deconovo's Designer Series. Our Bohemian-patterned sheer curtains are made of high-quality polyester fabric, giving them a smooth and silky texture that adds a cozy feel to your home. The simple shapes combined with Boho elements instantly brighten up any room.
  • LIGHT FILTERING - Our designer series sheer curtain panels are thin and smooth, allowing natural light to flow into your room and balancing the indoor light to meet your needs. They also serve as an additional layer under heavier curtains.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS - You can easily clean these curtains since they are machine washable. Wash below 86°F on a gentle cycle, and do not tumble dry. Ideal for most rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, kitchens, gaming rooms, school playrooms, hotels, offices, and restaurants.

    Bohome Series

    Find comfort in the embrace of our "Nest" pattern from the BO HOME series. This Scandinavian design encapsulates the essence of a cozy abode, ensuring your space feels warm and welcoming. Made with the highest quality sustainable recycled material, each piece speaks of eco-friendly elegance and timeless beauty.

    Recycled Polyester

    Recycled polyester is a fiber made from recycled polyester fibers. It is extracted from recycled materials such as used plastic bottles, scrap textiles and industrial waste. Recycled polyester has the same characteristics as ordinary polyester in terms of strength, wear resistance, and ease of dyeing, and the production of recycled polyester requires less energy than the production of ordinary polyester.

    Tiina Taivainen

    Original design

    As a pattern designer Tiina’s style is rather delicate and light. It derives from her personality and the way she looks at the world. She likes to combine various sketching techniques such as watercolor and drawing line. Usually Tiina wants to save the original spirit of hand drawing or painting in the final design.

    Tiina’s education is Bachelor of Arts majoring in textile design. She graduated from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She also has a previous Master’s degree from linguistics. Although she now works in a totally different world than linguistics, she is still studying meanings, only the subject has changed from languages to visual surfaces.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should curtains be cleaned?

    It's recommended to clean your curtains every 3 to 6 months for optimal cleanliness and appearance. Regular weekly cleaning is also advised to minimize dust and allergens.

    Is It Necessary to Wash Window Curtains?

    Yes, washing window curtains is essential for maintaining their cleanliness. Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for the best method. For example, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester should not be dry cleaned, silk curtains should not be machine washed, and sheer curtains should be cleaned with mild detergent. For more detailed advice, see "Your Expertise Tips on How to Clean Curtains.

    How to Calculate the Weight of Your Panel? (Pleated Style)

    The estimated weight of each panel is calculated as follows:

    (Width in inches * 0.0254 * Length in inches * 0.0254 * fabric GSM / 1000)

    You'll find the fabric GSM details in the product description.

    For instance, for a panel measuring 52''W x 84''L inches with a 200gsm liner, the weight per panel is:

    52 * 0.0254 * 84 * 0.0254 * 200 / 1000 = 0.56 kg

    What diameter are the eyelet holes in these curtains?

    The inner hole diameter of the circular ring is 4cm, and the outer hole diameter is 6cm.