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Living Room Curtain FAQs

What are the benefits of living room curtains?

Curtains in the living room offer you a wide range of benefits. To start, curtains are effective at providing privacy. Curtains can also efficiently block out the light to minimize distractions during certain portions of the day. This can also provide a thermal benefit. When curtains add a layer of protection, they help slow the passage of air. This allows the room to stay at its current temperature with less air loss. Moreover, curtains create a soundproofing barrier. Plus, unlike blinds, curtains are extremely attractive and can serve as a cornerstone of your interior design.


How to measure curtains for your living room?

Measuring curtains is always somewhat of a tricky process. You will need to start by measuring the dimensions of your window. Then, consider how you want the curtains to hang and the nature of the hanging mechanism. The rod is typically placed above the window, but you can choose to place it right over the top or several inches higher for a dramatic effect. In terms of width, you will want to add several inches to the window dimensions to fully cover the opening. You should also consider how many panels you intend on using. If you use more panels, then you do not need dimensions that are as wide.


What is the best material for living room curtains?

This question is dependent on your personal style and the ambiance of your living room. Curtain fabrics offer both color and texture. You also have to think about the way the fabric hangs or drapes. For this reason, faux linen, polyester and polyester blends are extremely popular. Not only is polyester available in many colors and textures, but it is also incredibly durable and easy to clean. Another popular option is cotton, which is a natural fiber that is lightweight and durable. Some curtains are made from sheer fabrics like chiffon or voile to filter light more distinctively.


How should curtains be hung in the living room?

There is a number of ways to hang living room curtains. Instead, you will want to choose a method that suits your curtains and your style. Start by looking at the hanging mechanism on your curtains. Your curtains could have a pocket rod or grommets. Then, consider the look you want to achieve. If you are using a sheer panel along with a heavy outer layer, then you will need to create tiers. As an alternative, you may want panels that can be hung from floor to ceiling to create a more dramatic look. If you have curtains that drape more specifically, then you may opt to hang them more closely to the precise dimensions of your window. Just be sure to account for the size of your window and the size of your curtains. When hanging the curtains, take care to anchor the rod to the wall for stability.


How should living room curtains be washed?

Over time, curtains can get stained or discolored. That is why it is important to wash your curtains from time to time. Before washing your curtains, check the manufacturer's instructions. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best results while maintaining your curtains. However, in general, most curtains can be washed in the washing machine. Depending on the fabric, you may need to use cold water on a gentle cycle. Take care when drying your curtains. While some fabrics may be put in the dryer, the heated process can shrink or distort the fabric. Instead, opt to air dry your curtains for the safest results.