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Farmhouse Happy Thermal Blackout Curtains
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White-Blue FlowerWhite-Green FlowerGrey-Grey FlowerBlue-Grey Flower
Urban Timmore Sheer Curtains
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Brown-TimmoreGrey and Brown-TimmoreGrey and Green-TimmoreGrey-Timmore
Farmhouse Happy Sheer Curtains
From $39.99
White-Blue FlowerWhite-Green FlowerGrey-Grey FlowerBlue-Grey Flower

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Urban Timmore Thermal Blackout Curtains
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Grey and Brown-TimmoreGrey and Green-TimmoreBrown-TimmoreGrey-Timmore
Ivy Custom Basic Snowflake Dot Sheer Curtains

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Sheer Gray Curtains

If you are looking for a combination of contemporary touch and simple elegance, don’t miss this part of our collection. Our sheer gray curtains create a calming effect by allowing light to enter your room. Many of our sheer curtains from this collection combine white with gray, resulting in a winterish, clean design. We recommend our Snowflake Dot fabric for a soft and plush material that allows enough light to enter your room. 

Check out our designer series that combines white with gray stripes or geometric details for a modern solution. A unique combination of white and gray and the high-quality sheer material make these curtains a good option for any room, but we recommend choosing them for the kitchen. When you add that our sheer curtains are made with eco-friendly materials and come in a unique designer series, there is no chance of making a mistake if you pick this product. Combine it with cushion covers of the same design and color for a rounded-up style in your room. 

This collection offers custom-made white and gray drapes so you can adjust this elegant piece to the size of your window or terrace door. On our website, you’ll find examples of furnishing in every room. However, we have a solution if you still need to see the exact shade of color and material before deciding. Order a free sample of any material you want to see, and we will send you a booklet with designs from this collection.