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Sophia Custom Linen Blackout Curtains
Sophia/WhiteSophia/Light BeigeSophia/WheatSophia/PinkSophia/Lake BlueSophia/Navy blueSophia/Light GraySophia/Dark GraySophia/CoffeeSophia/BrownSophia/Grass GreenSophia/OrangeSophia/BlackSophia/Aquamarine+ 10 more

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Vivianne Custom Dutch Velvet Blackout Curtains
Vivianne/Rubber PinkVivianne/RoseVivianne/HeatherVivianne/VioletVivianne/AubergineVivianne/CherryVivianne/Chinese RedVivianne/Burnt SiennaVivianne/Rain BlueVivianne/Storm BlueVivianne/Dark BlueVivianne/Aevre BlueVivianne/Pine GreenVivianne/Ivy GreenVivianne/Stone GreenVivianne/Moss GreenVivianne/Sun YellowVivianne/OchreVivianne/Light GrayVivianne/GrayVivianne/CharcoalVivianne/BlackVivianne/Light BeigeVivianne/BeigeVivianne/CappuccinoVivianne/SandVivianne/BrownVivianne/Wallnut BrownVivianne/Off White+ 25 more

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Envogue Gem Sheer Curtains
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Blue-White DiamondPurple-White DiamondBlack-Gold Diamond
Ivy Custom Basic Snowflake Dot Sheer Curtains

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Black Sheer Curtains

This part of our collection is exquisite, as black sheer curtains are not the usual piece. But having this combination in your home can only be described as extravagant elegance. Choosing black sheer material for your drapes means letting the light come in but transforming it into a sophisticated dark tone. Mixing black and the high-quality sheer material make these curtains a good choice for any room, but we recommend them for the living room or bedroom. When you add that our sheer curtains are made with eco-friendly materials and come in a unique designer series, there is no chance of making a mistake if you pick this product. Combine it with cushion covers of the same design and color for a rounded-up style in your room.

Black Velvet Curtains

Velvet is the best choice of material for black curtains. This heavy and rich fabric is the usual choice for bedrooms. Combining a dark hue with blackout ability always results in practical and stylish drapes. You can enjoy the luxurious softness and high quality of our Dutch Velvet. We offer several options for velvet black drapes to combine this excellent piece with different textures in your room. For high practicality and the best quality, we recommend waterproof, stain, and dust-resistant material from this collection. To round up your bedroom style, choose our plush black velvet cushion covers for ideal, soft detail on your bed. 

This collection offers custom-made black drapes so you can adjust this elegant piece to the size of your window or terrace door. On our website, you’ll find examples of furnishing in every room. However, we have a solution if you still need to see the exact shade, design, and material before deciding. Order a free sample of any material you want to see, and we will send you a booklet with all its colors.