Pink is not just a color for babies or little girls. Today, pink is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Pink curtains can be more versatile than most people realize, and you can effectively use pink to enhance a wide range of decor styles. If you are ready to start thinking pink, here are a few ideas to get started.

Pink Curtains for the Kids' Room

Pink curtains have been a nursery mainstay for baby girls forever. However, modern culture no longer relegates pink to such a stereotypical role. Instead, pink can be great for kids rooms of any gender and all ages. Pink can be soft and delicate, but it can also be whimsical and fantastical. In fact, pink can even be bold and edgy. This is exactly the inspiration kids need for hours of imagination and make-believe.

Just look at this Silver Star Pattern Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain. While this curtain comes in a variety of colors, the pink is sunny and cheerful. The star pattern is a perfect addition to a child’s room since it inspires playfulness in the decor. Better still, this curtain is ideal for the bedtime routine. With thermal properties, the curtain keeps the room warm and secure. The blackout elements of the polyester ensure that no sunlight gets in unwanted.

pink curtains for kids room

Another option is the Pink Striped Blackout Curtain. This classic pattern is evocative of a picnic blanket, and the shorter size is ideal for children who need space for play and exploration. This curtain is proof that simple does not have to be boring, and it mixes well with other fun flourishes. On top of that, this curtain offers supreme functionality. With room-darkening features, this is a curtain that will help your child stay asleep.

Put Pink Curtains in the Living Room

The living room is where you welcome guests. While most people go for neutrals in the living room, you may be ready to start living boldly. Instead of reds or purples, which can be dark or overbearing, you might just get the right touch with pink...


pink living room curtains


Consider this Pink Silver Diamond Pattern Blackout Curtain. This is an elegant choice for pink. While the pink is a richer color, it is offset with a subtle touch of silver with the diamond detailing. This creates a geometric look that intrigues the eye and serves as an apt focal point. These curtains also possess blackout qualities. This means you can close your living room off when you want privacy or darkness.

pink lounge curtains


You could also accessorize your living room with these Pink and Silver Flower Pattern Curtains. The pink offers a bold punch of color, which works with a variety of color schemes. It might serve as an accent against white, gray or blue. To really make these polyester curtains stand out, they are printed with a whimsical floral pattern. The large flowers will anchor your space, and the silver coloring is a tantalizing surprise.

Invest in Sheer Brilliance with Sheer Pink Curtains

If you want to embrace the feminine side of pink, then pink sheer curtains are an excellent option. Sheer curtains provide a unique ambiance. These curtains filter light, which can give your room a magical pink glow. This can be perfect for setting the mood in your living room, bedroom and more.


pink sheer curtains


To see what is possible with sheer pink curtains, check out these Pink Floral Sheer Curtains with Leaf Patterns. These curtains come in long panels, which are hung with a pocket rod. This creates a classic shape. The sheer panels are actually white, but the floral detailing includes surprising pink leaf accents. This understated pink ambiance looks feminine and natural. These curtains are ideal in living spaces where light is welcomed but privacy still matters.

solid pink sheers


For more elegance, there is nothing better than these solid Pink Sheers. The sheer styling is made long and billowy, and these polyester curtains are perfect for floor-to-ceiling designs. The rod pocket top creates a streamlined look that essentially disappears into the flow of the curtain. Because these curtains come in a gentle pink, these curtains are a romantic touch. These curtains can easily be layered with more curtains to create more depth and privacy.

Maintain Privacy and Style with Pink Blackout Curtains

In many cases, pink is associated with soft and flowy decor. This does not have to be the case. In fact, your pink curtains can really make a statement. They can also be quite functional. There are plenty of options for blackout curtains in fun pink styles...

 pink blackout curtains


One such option is the Solid Pink Total Blackout Curtains. At first glance, these curtains look quite simple. The solid pink panels are made in a softer shade of pink, and the polyester material has grommets along the top to make attaching the curtains to a rod seamless. These curtains are quite heavy, which means they hang with a strong shape. This is due to the fact that the polyester material is made for total blackout quality.

 bold pink blackout curtains


For more distinction, you should try the Pink Foil Printed Striped Pattern Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains. These pink curtains have all the blackout qualities you need, but they are also made to retain heat. Moreover, the styling is exquisite on these curtains. The pink background is accented with silver foil stripes, which move vertically along the curtain front. The look is decidedly modern, and this is a bold choice for any room in your home.

July 01, 2021 — Charles Coxhead

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