How did we get our start? 

Founded in 2004, deconovo is a home textile brand that began with a humble start. In the previous year, with a rented basement and second-hand embroidery machine, founder Raymond Yang pursued his passion for textile manufacturing. Learning the craft and designing his own products, he established partnerships and showcased his creations at trade shows. Leveraging the internet, Deconovo gained global recognition and customer love. Raymond's story inspires others to believe in their dreams and work hard to shine. Deconovo continues to provide high-quality, stylish, and practical home textile products, enhancing the comfort and beauty of people's lives.



What makes our products unique? 

Deconovo brings our original designers visions to life, in our fully-owned workshops. No outsourcing. True affordable originals. We've even inspired a wave of Amazon copycats,so we're copyrighting all of our original patterns: Pure, Farm House, Modern, Bo Home, En Vogue, Urban&,Classic.



 Why do we love what we do? 

Every review you share, every post you tag #Deconovo, every room you decorate, all bring us immeasurable joy. We want to decorate the world; one HOME at a time. We're motivated by our big vision: local labor & original designer series helping inspire your entire home in your chosen style.



What we are seeking?

At Deconovo, we create high-quality home decor products that enhance your space while reducing your carbon footprint. Our founder, Raymond Yang, is passionate about environmental protection and committed to being part of the solution. We use innovative techniques and recyclable materials, transforming waste into environmentally friendly and stylish fabrics. 

Sustainability is our priority, as we pledge to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier world. Choose Deconovo for beautiful, responsible design that makes a positive impact. Let's create a home that is both stylish and sustainable.