As summer sets in, you may be looking for fresh inspiration for your home's interior. Whether you plan a professional re-do or are on a limited budget, you can create a summer look for any room with trending summer room decorating ideas and even simple decorating techniques.

Part of summer is the variety and intensity of color. Think about your reaction to color. Do you like vibrant, strong, primary colors, or do neutrals and pastels better suit your taste? Do you want a calm, relaxing room? Do you want your interior space to reflect your moods?

For 2021, designers are emphasizing natural shades of florals, citrus, greens and wood tones. Choose summer colors from the Pantone spring/summer palette of vibrant yellows, cool greens, floral pinks and blushes of red. Use the scents, colors and textures of summer for accessories that complement your décor, such as cushions, throw pillows, scatter rugs, mirrors and wall art. Add summer flowers and houseplants to bring in the outdoors.

Here are a few summer room decorating ideas that capture the essence of the season.

Living Rooms 

Whether your living room is your family's gathering place or a formal room reserved for guests, you can invite summer in with simple changes. Make windows the focal point. Rearrange the furniture to face the source of natural light. Mix solid-colored cushion covers with lively floral prints, small checks or bold stripes. Use these as pops of color on sofas, chairs and as floor cushions. Blend one of the Pantone core classics, such as buttercream, willow or grey, with color combinations that set a mood. Hanging new window treatments in a complementary summer color pulls it all together.

Temper heat and light with layered curtains and blinds. White sheers gently filter light during cooler early morning and evening hours. During the heat of the day, use drapes, blinds or shades to block light and heat. For a casual look, try bamboo blinds or honeycomb shades. For a formal look, full-length, room-darkening curtains in summer colors work with almost every decorative style. 



Your bedroom is your haven away from life's daily activities. Whether you want a room for reflection and calm or a place to express your exuberance for life, there are simple summer room-decorating ideas that can express your style. Use textures and the colors of the season for luxurious bed linens, attractive bed covers, casual throw pillows and soundproof window curtains to make your bedroom feel like a five-star retreat.

Choose your color palette to suit the summery atmosphere you want to create. Deep reds, navy blue and forest green look dramatic. Cool mint and pastels are cheery and let in light. Neutrals blend with any color, making it easy to change accessories throughout the year. Play on textures to create drama and complexity. Tufted pillow covers give a boho look, corduroy gives a classic look, and stripes evoke a nautical or beach house theme.

Use curtains to modulate light, create a mood and set a decorative tone. If you like to wake up to sunlight streaming through the windows, go for semi-sheers. If you want a glow of light to start your day, choose a room-darkening curtain in a summer color that lets in light. If you prefer complete darkness, blackout curtains block 99% of light.

Children's Rooms

Vivid colors complement the vitality, energy and enthusiasm of children. To bring summer into a child's room, paint one wall a theme color and add accessories in complementary shades. Use window dressings, floor pillows, furnishings, storage boxes and bedding to accentuate the rich colors and experiences of summertime. Shades of green evoke freshly mown grass and outdoor games that last until sundown. Create a theme using stripes and animal patterns for a safari adventure or stars, planets, sun and moon for a dreamy, out-of-this world experience inside kids' bedrooms. Ask your children to contribute their ideas to create a unique room that is exclusively theirs.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, where activity, love and creativity result in life-supporting sustenance and social interaction for family and friends. Whatever your kitchen style, from comfortable country to efficient industrial, emphasize it with color, pattern and texture in curtains, hand towels, tablecloths, upholstery and flooring. Enhance a floral theme with fresh summer flowers.
Because of the potential for splatters, go for easy-care window treatments. Valances are ideal kitchen window treatments, letting in light and air while keeping fabric away from preparation areas. Sheer café curtains catch the summer breeze and add privacy without blocking light. Bring is secondary colors with knickknacks, wall art, linens and tableware.



Bathrooms are places to refresh, beautify and relax. With just a few changes, you can redo your bathroom to create a pleasant environment. If your bathroom has good natural light, use it to advantage with window treatments that provide the privacy required but also let in light and air. For curtains, choose a summer color that blends with existing tile and wall colors. A new shower curtain in a zingy pattern or vibrant color can refresh a tired-looking bathroom. Splurge by purchasing new, luxurious bath towels in summer shades.


Augment natural light with light fixtures that match the décor. Pendants, wall sconces and ceiling lights are popular choices. Use bulbs that emit soft, white light to ensure accuracy of colors. Because mirrors reflect light, they intensify both natural and artificial light as well as create a sense of space in a small bathroom. Although they are traditionally hung over the sink, they can also be installed on walls and doors for both décor and grooming. With these simple changes, your morning ritual may become one of your favorite times of day.

As you can see, simple changes using summer room-decorating ideas can transform a ho-hum space into a vibrant area with good vibes. Deconovo's window curtains, valances, pillow covers and linens come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, textures and patterns. Select matching curtains and cushion covers to accessorize a bedroom or living room. A classic linen tablecloth sets the stage for summer meals both indoors and out.

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