Ugly walls are a hassle to look at. If you're tired of looking at them, here's 10 ways that will help hide your ugly walls!

The disappointments of moving into a new home and decorating it to perfection only for the wall to ruin everything is something that every person has experienced. Bad weather can play havoc on your average house's walls causing seepage or cracks which make them look ugly after just one bad storm!

It doesn't take much time before you're stuck with this problem again next year despite any repairs made


1. Texture

Instead of covering up an unpleasant living room wall, you can use texture to create a stunning feature wall. Add some gold and it will be elegant eye-catching beauty for your guests!



2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an overlooked solution for dealing with damp walls. When used correctly, it can take a room from ordinary to designer when paired up right furniture and accessory style!


3. Clad

Cladding is a great alternative to painting exterior and interior walls. It can be used in any area that needs frequent touch-ups, like your home's courtyard or living room!



4. Add Green

The calming, soothing effect that green walls provide is perfect for home owners who want to cover up stains and damp patches. They are also easy on the wallet as most come with self-watering systems which stop any further damages from occurring!



5. Art

Sometimes, the best way to camouflage a few small cracks and stains is with a touch of creativity. In this beautifully designed veranda, mirror tiles lend an appealing antique look, while bead curtains help obscure unsightly spots on your wall that you'd rather keep hidden from passersby during their daily commute.

The artifacts add character for visitors, allowing them to glimpse the interior without encountering too many obstacles like stairs; this consideration is particularly important for outdoor seating arrangements.

The inclusion of scenic views from outside further enhances the charm of the space.



6. Paneling

This home's ugly wall is made better by the panels that cover it, making way for spotlights and other distractions. The paneling also offers protection against water damage which would be costly in this case because of all its moisture-loving plants inside!


7. Light

What's more fun than changing the color of your home? Picking out a new shade for all those drab windows and doors. Sheer curtains in vibrant colors like yellow, orange or blue can add a playful and colorful element to your windows and doors, allowing you to experiment with different color schemes in your home décor. Why not go with something bright like yellows, oranges or blues to give them some life! 

9. Block It

The best way to cover up an ugly wall is not with paint but rather a bookshelf. Not only will it add some much-needed furniture in your living room, you'll never have any direct views of the surface so it's just one less thing for which to worry!


10. Make it a Canvas

Painting a landscape on one's wall can be an excellent way to hide dirt and keep your room looking clean. This is because it will mostly blend in with the silhouettes, making for something that looks both beautiful as well neat! There are many different types of paintings you could do: from oceans or forests--whatever scene strikes your fancy best (or has some personal meaning).

The key thing here though should still remain consistency across all three dimensions by staying within ACCESSIBLE ranges when painting - don't forget about height either!


February 28, 2022