Curtains are often an afterthought or completely overlooked when decorating a room. However, curtains complete the look and feel of a room. Using texture, color and pattern, draperies can make windows a focal point or serve as a backdrop that complements other design elements. Curtains can also set a mood or accentuate a design style.

Curtains perform important practical functions, including modulating light, acting as a thermal barrier at windows and absorbing sound. Although all curtains block light to some degree, some are designed to completely block light, some darken a room, and others soften and filter light. As you create a cozy bedroom retreat, consider how much light, privacy and thermal insulation you would like. Below, we discuss how to choose room-darkening curtains that suit your mood and décor.

How to Choose Light-Blocking Curtains

There are three types of light-blocking curtains: total blackout, room-darkening and light-filtering.

Blackout Curtains

If you want your bedroom to be completely dark, blackout curtains block all light from coming in or going out. Blackout curtains are made of three layers of material that prevent light from passing through the fabric. The front side that faces into the room is decorative. The back side that faces the window may be a solid color to match the front, foam or lining. The middle layer is made of densely woven black threads or thick fabric such as felt, wool or polyester. These layers not only block light. They also keep heat from passing through the fabric and absorb sound waves. For this reason, blackout curtains are also called thermal curtains or acoustical curtains. Blackout curtains come in a range of attractive colors, patterns and styles. However, lighter colors may let some light through.

Room-Darkening Curtains

If you like a dark room but prefer a hint of light penetrating through your windows, consider room-darkening curtains. They allow approximately 5% of light to pass through, which creates a soft glow while still providing privacy. Room-darkening curtains are made of the same fabrics and layers as blackout curtains and offer the same thermal and acoustical values. However, the inner layer is not as thick, the reason that some light goes through.

Light-filtering Curtains

Light-filtering curtains gently filter bright sunlight, allowing enough light through so that your bedroom will be filled with a warm glow. Any window treatment provides some thermal and acoustical insulation. However, the lightweight fabrics used for light-filtering curtains do not have the same insulating value. In addition, light-filtering curtains may not give the same level of privacy. To compensate, some people hang two sets of curtains or pair them with shades or blinds. Use light-filtering curtains during the daytime or when you want a brighter room. When you want to darken your room or enhance privacy, use room-darkening drapes to block light and create a cozy retreat.

There are several factors to keep in mind as you look for the best room-darkening curtains that suit your needs and budget. Consider these features as you shop for light-blocking curtains:

• Quality and type of fabric.
• Number of layers.
• Range of colors.
• Range of sizes for proper fit.
• Ease of laundering.
• Header style.
• Price.

Deconovo offers a range of sizes, styles and colors of room-darkening curtains at an affordable price.

Check out our best room-darkening curtains for bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms, offices or any other room where you would like an attractive insulating curtain. Darker colors achieve total blackout. Lighter colors are room-darkening.

Silver Wave, Striped Pattern, Thermal-Insulated Blackout Curtains With Grommets

Best Room Darkening Curtains for Your Bedroom

Cascades of wavy silver lines on a solid background give a chic, fun look to windows. These curtains feature triple-weave construction with a dense solid core. The back is the same color as the front but without the pattern. They come in 13 colors and a variety of sizes for the perfect look and fit for a child's bedroom, nursery, home theater or any other room. They are packaged as a set of two panels, each measuring either 45 or 52 inches wide in a length of your choice.

Solid-Color, Thermal-Insulated Blackout Back Tab Curtains

Best Room Darkening Curtains for Your Bedroom

These handsome, solid-color curtains give an elegant look to a bedroom. Perfect tailoring gives the option of three header styles: back tab, rod pocket or rings. Choose from 24 colors and a variety of lengths to get the look you want. The triple-weave construction features silky-soft, 100% polyester fabric that is machine-washable.

Geometric, Wavy, Dotted Lines Drapes With Grommet Header

Best Room Darkening Curtains for Your Bedroom

Thin, wavy lines of silver interspersed with dots give a playful look to these thermally insulated curtains. Silver-colored grommets echo the silver of the printed front. The back is the same color as the front without the pattern. This silky, 100% polyester fabric drapes beautifully. Choose from 14 fashionable colors and a range of sizes that fit standard windows. Use them in bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens.

Solid-Color, Thermal-Insulated Blackout Grommet Curtains

Best Room Darkening Curtains for Your Bedroom

These grommet-style, precision-tailored curtains come in 22 attractive colors. The silky, 100% polyester fabric is machine-washable. Choose from an assortment of lengths for the look you want. The triple-weave construction provides thermal and sound insulation. Lighter colors are room-darkening.

Why Choose Deconovo?

At Deconovo, we oversee each step in the manufacturing process, from the design to the final tailoring. We select materials that wear well, are easy to launder and have a luxurious drape to accentuate your windows. The wide range of colors complements design styles from formal and sophisticated to modern and casual. This approach ensures quality and precision at each step. Because there is no middleman, we offer our customers affordable, high-quality products. Our blackout curtains were selected by The Spruce and Real Simple as the best thermally insulated light-blocking curtains for 2021.

Now that you know what to look for to find the best room-darkening curtains for your home, browse our website to see the full range of light-modulating curtains that we offer. Our helpful staff is available 24/7 to help you select the right size, style and color of curtain for your home or office.

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