As fresh breezes and golden sunshine brighten and warm the world after the chill of winter, you may be looking for simple ways to bring spring inside to refresh your home. Updating curtains, rearranging the furniture and adding natural greenery are a few ways to make the vibrancy of spring part of your interior.

Update the Front Door and Entryway

Your front door and entryway set the tone for the atmosphere of your home. Take down the Christmas wreath, and welcome guests and family with a springtime door decoration. Find a basket with a flat side to lie flush against the door, and fill it with foliage and flowers that grow in your area. Another idea is to entwine fresh flowers in a leafy branch from a shrub or tree. Buy a grapevine wreath from a local discount store and decorate it with moss, flowers or seasonal motifs, such as speckled bird's eggs, Easter bunnies or bows in spring colors.

If you have a formal entryway, continue the look, feel and scents of spring. Set a bouquet of flowers on an entry table to welcome guests. Place sprigs of eucalyptus around a lamp base or over a mirror. Add a hint of spring with rosebuds or fronds of baby's breath entwined in the eucalyptus or another woody vine. Let your imagination run free as you find colors and ornaments that pronounce that spring has arrived in your home.

Clean for Spring

Make a spring-cleaning list to refresh every room of your home. Start by opening your house to let in the fresh air. To capture the atmosphere of spring, remove clutter and dark, heavy objects so that your home feels light and airy. Take a good look at each room and decide what can be removed.

Collect magazines, books, bills and mail. Sort into categories of keep, discard, give away and not sure. Put mail and bills that you need into attractive baskets, boxes or bins. Put discards and things to give away into bags or boxes. Make a special box for those things you will decide about later. Let your family participate. Children often have good ideas about how to organize, such as shoe racks near the door or attractive hooks for rain gear and umbrellas. An added plus—if they help organize, they may be more willing to use designated spaces to stow their things.

Collect winter blankets, throws and heavy linens. Launder or dry-clean them, and store them in mothproof covers to keep them fresh for the next season. Clean upholstery, carpets and other textiles. Vacuum everything first to remove dust. Many cushion covers, throw rugs and curtains can be machine-washed.

Send non-washable items for dry cleaning. If some items are more suitable for winter, pack them after laundering so they are ready for the next season's use. If you have spring and summer goods packed away, get them out. Hang them outside for a few hours to freshen them if weather permits.

Refresh Window Treatments

Changing window treatments can give a room an entirely new look. Curtains are relatively inexpensive and easy to hang. Many are machine-washable, making them easy to care for.

If you use heavy draperies on your windows for winter, take them down, and put up light, airy curtains. Make use of the natural light and fresh air. Open-weave curtains and sheers let air and light through. If you need privacy or want a thermal barrier at the window, layer curtains. Panels of sheers next to the glass and lightweight panels facing into the room provide privacy and moderate thermal value. During the day, open them to let in light and air. After sunset, close them.

Designers are emphasizing the natural patterns of spring, going for curtains and accessories with botanical, floral and leafy designs. Keep the palette in cheery springtime colors, such as light greens, pinks and yellows. If you want to add a touch of drama, select a curtain with a bold color in the design. Add well-placed accessories in the room that echo the bright tone. That way, you add interest without overwhelming the space with too much intense color.

Blinds and shades work well with most decorative schemes. If privacy is an issue, install them at the bottom of the window, which lets you raise them for privacy without blocking light coming in from the top. Honeycomb shades are transparent and energy-efficient, letting light through but providing a thermal barrier so rooms don't heat up from sunlight during the day. Bamboo blinds give an informal look to windows, filtering light and adding to the natural look of spring. For a simple do-it-yourself project, buy floral fabric and attach it to roller blinds.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging furniture gives a room a new look. If a fireplace was the focal point during winter, reorient the furniture to face windows or another attractive feature in the room. Use colorful dhurrie or flatweave rugs to add texture and pattern. Swapping out furniture between rooms adds variety. Move an overstuffed living room chair and side table to your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook. Put a wooden side chair in the living room. The simple lines and natural hues contribute to the uncluttered look of springtime.

A few touches here and there bring the essence of spring into your living space. Adding houseplants or fresh-cut flowers brings the outdoors in. Let your colors echo the shades of spring, balancing pastels with pops of bright fuchsia, coral or peacock blue.

Most importantly, your home should reflect your tastes and personality. If a color, pattern or style appeals to you, use it. Fashions come and go. However, classic taste spans fashion trends. Deconovo offers sheer, faux linen, mixed blend and cotton curtains that complement every decorative style. Feel free to browse our site to find window coverings that bring spring into your living space.

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October 13, 2020