Many people complain about never being able to buy curtains that are crease-free. That’s often due in part because they're folded up for hours or even days before being shipped off and then unpacked only when it comes time to hang them! 

1. Steaming


Moisture is what causes wrinkles, so steaming will be your first option if you want that perfect folds and pleats without any puckering or popping up anywhere on a freshly laundered set.

To remove creases from curtains, first fill the tank of your steamer with water and let it heat up according to instructions. Next aim at top edge down through both sides until you can no longer see any wrinkles in fabric; smooth out as much as possible with other hand while doing this so that we get nice finished result! 

If not gone after 24 hours then try popping some more under pressure near bottom area or use steam function on handle if necessary - either way should do trick (I'm sure they have great customer service too!). 

2) Water Spray 

Using an ironing board with water-soaked t shirts can help smooth down those stubborn areas where there's no steam available.

To smooth out those pesky curtains, fill an empty spray bottle with water and let it run down the length of your curtain. Alternatively you can just spritz on whatever area is creased without having to drench everything in moisture! The weight from all that wet fabric will pull apart any wrinkles as well 

3) Ironing 

It's so easy to get nicely crease free curtains. All you need is an iron and some patience! Place your curtain on top, then set the temperature for lowest setting with no steam or humidity (careful not too burn them). Moving slowly is key - go over each section one by one as this will produce best results:

The majority of fabric types cannot be steamed due their delicate nature but cotton, polyester & linen can all withstand gentle heat without getting scorched; just make sure there isn't any moisture seeping through before attempting these steps. For sheer curtains, use a lower heat setting and avoid ironing over any lace or embellishments to prevent damage to the delicate fabric.

4) Hanging in a Steamed Room

If you don't want your room smelling like chemicals though then hangings would be the way for ya. Here's how to steam curtains without a steamer.

Hang the curtains over your bathtub, closing all windows and doors. Turn on hot water tap for 10 minutes until it is filled with steamy goodness! Let this time pass before tacking them up again so that they have a chance to dry out completely in between washes - trust me; you'll want those creases gone by Friday when everyone else does too :)

5) Washing

Washing your curtains is a tedious task, but it's worth the effort for an extra clean that will last longer. Follow these instructions to make sure they are properly cared for during washing and drying processes- if any part doesn't match up with what’s on their care tag then do one step differently from how you would usually go about doing things!

Ultimate Curtain Wash Guide

6) Wrinkle Release Spray

All you need is a wrinkle spray from the store and some time. 


Just spritz on any place where wrinkles have appeared, wait for about 10 minutes (or longer), then wipe off all residue with clean cloth or paper towel before letting it dry naturally - no more pesky folds showing up anytime soon... unless they come back after 24 hours because we know how frustrating these things can be when trying hard work just isn't enough.

7) Dryer

First, place the curtains in a dryer with clean damp towel and run on low heat between 20–30 minutes until cycles are completed; check if cloth still feels moist after operation (it will). If so then add 5 more minutes of running time for each set amount needed—returning back once finished.

Finalizing before removing from machine entirely later same day or next morning depending upon how quickly you might want things done!

8) Dry Clean only

For dry clean only curtains we do not recommend using any of the above tips as they could cause serious damage. The best action would be to take your curtains to a dry cleaner or professional upholstery.

You could also do this if you still have creases on your curtains despite trying all of the tips listed above, for example you want to get wrinkles out of new curtains without ironing.

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January 10, 2022